PSO Levy Rebate 2023

On 1st October 2022 , the PSO levy was reduced to zero . This has resulted in an annual saving of €52 (excluding VAT) on average household electricity bills.

However – in an announcement on June 14th 2022 – the government proposed a further PSO levy decrease that will result in a negative figure or a PSO “rebate” for domestic household bills,

This lower revised 2022/23 PSO levy, was confirmed at the end of July by the CRU , and it will result in an annual reduction of €89.10 for domestic customers. (If VAT is taken into consideration – this will result in a €97 credit on electricity bills.)

There was a delay in making changes to billing systems to cope with a negative PSO levy. In the interim, from October 1st, 2022, the CRU set the PSO levy to zero .

Update Feb 2023: The PSO Levy credit will start to be reflected on the first electricity bill received based on the usage of electricity from March 1st. The 89.10 credit will be spread over the 7 months from March to Dec (€12.73 a month)

This PSO is imposed by the Government on all electricity customers regardless of their supplier and is shown as a separate item on electricity bills. It is designed to recover the additional costs associated with electricity from specified sources of generation, including sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources.

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