Property Tax 2014 – Some Figures

Revenue Commissioners say that about  78% of liable persons have already confirmed their payment method for their 2014 LPT liability. (That means about 220,000 peple still haven’t done so.

Revenue also said that there was a 91%  compliance rate  for the 2013 Local Property Tax (LPT) .  If you haven’t yet filed any LPT return – you can still do so online here .  No penalties have yet been applied – as far as we are aware – but Revenue may start adding interest soon.

The Local Property Tax staff are still  working through over 60,000 items of correspondence relating to the 2014 LPT .  Revenue say that anyone who  submitted a genuine query (by email/letter/voicemail to the LPT helpline) about  the  2014 LPT liability in advance of the filing date (29th Nov 2013) will be treated as having complied with their requirements on time, as long as they  file their payment instruction for 2014 promptly when the query is resolved.

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The deadline for confirmation of the 2014 payment method was Nov 29th 2013 – but anyone who has not yet confirmed their payment method can still do it online  at  2014 . If you don’t have your Property ID or PIN, you can request it online here as long as you have your PPS Number.

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