Profits of Irish Banks

We are hearing plenty about the problems of the banks in Ireland and according to this – the Irish Government has pumped in €27 billion to the banks in the past year .
What has happened to all the massive bank profits made over the previous years? Who has had all that money? Where has it all gone?

These are the profit figures for AIB , BOI and Anglo Irish in the last 5 years

Profits of Irish Banks (€ Euros)
Year AIB BOI Anglo Irish
2004 1.4 Billion 1.27 Billion 346 million
2005 1.7 Billion 1.32 Billion 504 Million
2006 2.6 Billion 2.6 Billion 850 Million
2007 2.5 Billion 1.9 Billion 1.2 Billion
2008 1 Billion 1.93 Billion 784 Million
2009 Loss 2.3 Billion loss 0.6billion Expected Loss 14 Billion

With all those massive profits – why should the taxpayer be bailing them out?