Potential Credit Card Fraud at Property Tax Call Centre

A member of staff working for the private compay Abtran  who operate the Property Tax helpline  – has been suspended because of possible theft of credit card details. The member of staff was not working in the section that dealt with payments – but had asked for credit card details from some callers.

Revenue have confirmed  that :   “details in relation to 11 credit cards were improperly obtained by an unauthorised employee.” They also said that “no cardholder has suffered any loss“.

Revenue is contacting the customers involved – where they have contact details.

Revenue have said that  the normal  procedure when paying the LPT by card over the phone would be to  select the “on-line payment” option from the phoneline menu. This would transfer the customer to the special section dealing with payments.

If you didn’t choose the  payment option you should have been  transferred from a first agent to a second agent before giving payment details.

Normal payment procedures would also involve the customer being  asked to confirm that all their details were correct?

Revenue also say that normally  – acknowledgement of  LPT payment would be sent by Revenue within 2 weeks of filing.

Finally – Revenue say that if anyone is concerned about any LPT payment details they have given over the phone they can check their LPT account  on www.revenue.ie or they may call  this dedicated Revenue number 1890-22-63-36