Options for Danske Bank Customers

Some of the 150,000 Danske Bank customers will have probably already started moving their bank accounts and credit cards to other providers – the rest of them will need to start looking at alternative banking arrangements  pretty soon.

Danske Bank announced back in November that they were going to be closing all customer accounts – and they have started the process of writing to customers informing  them that they either have two or three months in which to find an alternative bank.

Danske Bank customers with current accounts or savings accounts have two months from the date of their letter to find a new bank . After that date, no cheques will be accepted,  direct debits and standing orders will not be honoured. Overdrafts will also be withdrawn and any balance credits or savings returned.
Danske customers might be interested in our comparison of current account charges when deciding which bank to switch to.

Danske Credit Card customers will have their credit facilities withdrawn 3 months after the bank write to them . The bank say they expect customers to pay off card balances  in full by that time – but they say they will work with anyone in financial difficulty.

“We will continue to work with customers who are in financial difficulty in line with existing policy and Central Bank of Ireland codes. We are fully committed to continuing to support any customer who is experiencing financial hardship.”

Danske Bank can be contacted on 1890 866 866. (An alternative number which may be cheaper to call from a mobile is  : 01 484 3752)

Danske Bank cannot force people to pay off the full balance within 3 months .

Most credit card providers will accept balance transfers from your current credit card – and will pay off your existing balance for you. Some providers still even offer interest free periods on balance transfers – see our list of the current Credit Card Offers here

If Danske credit card customers cannot transfer their balance and cannot pay it off – the bank will have to come to an arrangement with the customer. This could involve converting the card balance to a loan or even some write off of the debt. Anyone in this situation should think about contacting MABs for advice.

Danske Bank say there will be no change to existing customer’s mortgage arrangements or loan repayments. The outstanding amounts will continue to be repaid within the existing agreed terms and conditions. They will be writing directly to all customers in the coming weeks to confirm this position.