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Revenue have launched their  online interactive property valuation guide. This map based guide is supposed to help people work out their property values for the property tax.

The interactive guide  only provides average indicative values for various property types in an area..  e.g. detached, semi-detached, apartment, etc. based on the age of the property and the average price of the type of property for the general area.

You first have to select a County and a type of house  and if it was built before or after 2000.   Then a map is displayed with areas of colour coded property values. You can  then zoom in to your electoral area on a map – and  you will be shown an  average value for houses of that type  in your area.  The colours used are hard to distinguish – but if you click on an area on the map a pop up  box displays the values as text.

The “valuations” are  mainly based on house sale prices since 2010 from stamp duty records. Revenue also did 1300 “professional” valuations in some areas to provide extra data where there were shortages of sales.

The online tool is  not meant to be used to accurately value each individual  house – you are supposed to use the online guide to help you assess the value yourself. The valuation data  does not have any information about the number of bedrooms in a house of the floor space or the level of finish –   so it cannot be accurate for every house.

See more here on our Analysis of Revenue Valuation Tool

You could also try and estimate the value of your house using a simple calculation based on price changes since 1980 . Price Changes Calculator

Just because the online “heatmap” as it is being called – tells you that a detached house  in your area is worth between €150,00 and €200,000  – it doesn’t mean that you have to use this valuation.  You can value your house higher or lower if you think it is correct to do so  Check it out hereRevenue Online Valuation Guide

Revenue’s guidance says that  “if you feel that the guidance is not indicating a reasonable valuation for your property, you should make your own assessment. You are responsible for ensuring that you choose the correct value band for your property.”

Your home could be bigger or smaller than others that have recently sold near you , extra items like a garage, conservatory, insulation, interior finish will affect the real value of homes.

You don’t have to be exact with your valuation because all you need to select on the Property Tax form is the valuation band (1 to 20) that your property falls into. See Property Tax Valuation Bands Here .

If your property is worth over €1 Million – then you do have to give an exact valuation figure.

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11 thoughts on “Revenue Property Tax Valuation Guide Website

  1. It looks like Donegal is valued slightly low – giving a lower property tax rate on average. I wonder is this deliberate?

  2. Hi I am wondering if we will still have to pay the 200 euro per house as well as this new property tax

    • You will have to pay the full 200 NPPR for 2013 – but not for 2014 onwards

  3. If I purchase a house for 150,000 will I pay that value or do I ave o pay if the property was valued more last year and how much will it cost thanks

  4. I live in Ivy court, Beaufort Place, Navan.(a terraced house overlooking a green and an unfinished cordined off piece of land that was supposed to be an appartment block). I have been looking at other properties in the estate and I have seen their values. I am looking at the Revenue LPT and it doesn’t seem right that my terraced house is in the same bracket as a four bedroom semi-detached house in the estate. Could you please advise me on what you think a terraced house in my estate should be valued at?
    Kind regards,
    Niamh Mc Conville

  5. hi my brother and i own the property as we are both on low incomes 207 euro per week each would we be exempt from the tax

    • Tony – the full list of exemptions is given and there are no exemptions for low income. You can choose to defer (delay) payment if your income is under €288 a week. The Revenue will get it when you sell the house or from your estate when you die. See more here deferral of property tax

  6. We live in the UK and are still building a house in Donegal, we don’t intend on moving back anytime soon are we eligible to pay property tax in Ireland?????????
    We haven’t received any letter or form… to complete…
    Please also could you give me a contact number to phone this office as I couldn’t see any contact details….

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