NPPR Charge Due For 2010

The NPPR charge was introduced in Ireland in July 2009 – and  it the 2010 NPPR charge can now be paid online .  See more details about NPPR here.
The liability date for 2010 and all future years is March 31st. The 2010 charge is €200 – the same as 2009.
So if you owned a property in Ireland on 31st March 2010  and it is not your main residence you will be liable for the NPPR charge.( Non principal private residences)

The charge must be paid  within two months of the liability date–  i.e before 31st May 2010   A late payment fee of €20 a month is payable after a further month has expired i.e three months after the liability date and one month after the last date for payment. There is a one month grace period – so
All charges paid after 30th June 2010 will attract a late payment fee of €20 a month.

Pay online at