More Budget 2012 Options Leaked

As is usual at this time of year – we start hearing about possible cuts and tax increases that might be announced in the Budget. With Budget day only 12 days away – we are getting a steady drip of  things that are being considered.  Some of these will probably not happen – and could well be a well managed attempt to try and  scare the Irish people  – so that when the real Budget is announced  and it is not as bad as expected –  people will accept it.

Some of the latest items apparently under consideration for Budget 2012 are:

Increase prescription charges for Medical Card holders from 50c to €2.00

Charge a €50 annual fee for Medical Cards

These come after cuts to Jobseekers Allowance and Child Benefit were also suggested in the past few days.

A VAT increase to 23% is looking very likely though.