LPT Forms – 75% of them now sent out.

As of 5th April   – Revenue said they had issued Local Property Tax returns for 1,351,289 properties.  (1,193,154  forms) . Their original estimate was that a total of 1.6 million properties would be liable – so there is at least another 400,000 LPT forms still to be issued. We expect that all forms should be  delivered by April 15th.

There will be mistakes – because this is the first attempt to build  a database of property owners in Ireland.  If you get a letter – don’t ignore it. If you get more than 1 letter for the same address , don’t just return one and assume that it will be all OK.  There are situations – especially in rural areas – where the data that Revenue are using might result in more than 1 form to the same address.

For example – where the source data has two  slightly different spellings of a village or a surname   , Revenue may treat this as being 2 different properties. The local postman will be familiar with the various spellings and will deliver both forms  – but a computer system has no such discretion. If you get 2 or more forms and they have different property references – then don’t just ignore one of them.   Get in touch with Revenue to explain – or you could end up with more hassle in the future because of unpaid tax.

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