How Much is The Property Tax in 2016 ?

Under Property Tax regulations – from 2015 onwards – local Councils could  adjust the annual property tax rates, up or down each year, by as much as 15% from the base rate. All the decisions for 2016 had to be made by September 30th 2015 – and these are the results of all the local authorities decisions on the Property  Tax for 2016 .  None of the local authorities voted to charge more than the rate set by government.

The following local authorities have decided to make the maximum 15% cut to LPT again in 2016

Clare County Council
Dublin City Council
Dun Laoghaire + Rathdown Council
Fingal County Council
South Dublin County Council

A 10% Reduction for 2016 has been agreed by  Cork City Council

A 7.5% cut to LPT will be made by Monaghan Co Council  and Kildare County Council in 2016

A 5% cut to the LPT  will apply in Cork County Council  for 2016

A 3% cut to LPT  will be made by  Longford County Council,

A cut of just 1.5% has been agreed by Louth County Council

The reduced amounts of LPT that will be charged are shown in the table below.

The following 22 councils will be charging the full rate as set by the government in 2016:  Carlow, Cavan, Donegal, Galway County, Galway City,Kerry,  Kilkenny, Laois, Leitrim, Limerick City, Limerick County, Mayo , Meath , Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Waterford City and County, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow .

LPT Rates for 2016 – showing the actual LPT annual rates for the full amount and where cuts have been made.

ValuationFull Rate LPT 15% Cut10% Cut3% Cut1.5% Cut
0 – 100k
100k – 150k225191202218221
150,001 – 200k
200,001 – 250k405344364392398
250,001 – 300k
300,001 – 350k585497526567576
350,001 – 400k675573607654664
400,001 – 450k765650688742753
450,001 – 500k
500,001 – 550k
550,001 – 600k
600,001 – 650k1,1259561,0121,0911,108
650,001 – 700k1,2151,0321,0931,1781,196
700,001 – 750k
750,001 – 800k
800,001 – 850k
850,001 – 900k1,5751,3381,4171,5271,551
900,001 – 950k1,6651,4151,4981,6151,640
950,001 – 1 mill1,7551,4911,5791,7021,728

See more here about the 2016 LPT liability and payment dates


Note:  some owners in some counties will actually see an increase in their  property tax bill compared to 2015
For example:
Mayo , Limerick City and County and Westmeath all had a 3% cut in 2015 but will charge the full rate in 2016
Cork County – had a 10% reduction in 2015, but it is just 5% in  2016.
Wicklow – had a 15% reduction in 2015 but are charging  full rate for 2016

LPT Bands and Rates for 2022

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    • The owner on Nov 1st is officially liable – but usually when a house is sold the buyers agree to refund any property tax paid by the vendor that covers the period after the sale. Any suhc refunds are not obligatory – and as far as Revenue is concerned the owner on 1st Nov is the liable person.

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