Have all the Property Tax Forms Gone Out Yet ?

At the start of the delivery of all the property tax forms –  Revenue said they were going to be sending out  LPT returns for about 1.66 million properties.  As of 16th April they had sent out forms that covered  1,605,341 properties (1,289,571  letters and ROS returns). That figure is getting very close to the 1.66 million – only 60,000 short – but are there any more to go out?
The latest press release doesn’t say that all the letters have gone out – but it doesn’t say they are still issuing letters either.

Revenue have reminded property owners that have not yet received an LPT  return form, that they are still liable for the tax and must file a return. Owners can go to the LPT section of the www.revenue.ie  website and file an LPT return there – or they  can request a paper LPT form from Revenue – contact details here .

The LPT legislation states that owners of multiple properties must file their LPT returns and pay their LPT online.
If the owner has not got access to the internet  – they can authorise another person to file and pay online on his/her behalf. For people for whom these arrangements are not suitable, Revenue are now allowing  them to call the LPT helpline on 1890 200 255 to pay and file  over the phone.  ( Have your valuation band ready )