Fuel Allowance Delays

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection have confirmed that 3000 people will have delays to their Fuel Allowance lump sum payments that were due this week.

The delay affects 3000 of the  57,000 people who had opted to get the fuel allowance in the form of two lump sums instead of weekly payments .  The second lump sum was due by today (5th Jan) – but for those 3000 people it will now be paid in the week beginning  8th Jan 2018.

About 54,000 other people who opted for a lump sum have received their payment as expected this week .  Another 290,000 people who are still getting weekly payments will not be affected by this delay.

In the meantime, as always, anyone who is experiencing financial hardship due to this delay can contact the Department’s Community Welfare Service at their local Department Office or Intreo Centre for assistance.

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