Children’s Allowance Payment Dates 2021

Children’s Allowance or Child Benefit in Ireland is currently €140 per month for each child. (2021)

The annual amount of Child Benefit per child is €1680.

The Children’s Allowance was NOT increased in the 2022 Budget – Instead, the children’s component of all welfare benefits such as Jobseekers etc was increased by €5 a week – but not the monthly Children’s allowance.

Child Benefit is paid out on the first Tuesday of every month.
Sometimes it is paid out early into some bank accounts in weeks where the Monday is a Bank Holiday. (It is often paid on the Saturday or Friday before.) But this is not always guaranteed.
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Children’s Allowance Payment Dates 2021

  • Tuesday 5th January 2021
  • Tuesday 2nd February 2021
  • Tuesday 2nd March 2021
  • Tuesday 6th April 2021
  • Tuesday 4th May 2021
  • Tuesday 1st June 2021
  • Tuesday 6th July 2021
  • Tuesday 3rd August 2021 (Bank Holiday on 2nd)
  • Tuesday 7th September 2021
  • Tuesday 5th October 2021
  • Tuesday 2nd November 2021
  • Tuesday 7th December 2021

Budgeting Tips

It can be useful to see at a glance what date the first Tuesday of the month falls . For some families, a 5-week wait between payments can make a big difference to their budgeting for that month. It’s always best to be prepared.

When the first Tuesday of a month falls on the 6th or 7th, as it does in July 2021 and Sept 2021, this results in a five-week gap between the child allowance payments.

Maybe a good idea is to work out the weekly amount of child benefit and try to only spend that amount each week.

Tip – to work out the weekly amount , don’t just divide the monthly amount by 4 .
The correct way to convert a monthly payment to a weekly amount is to multiply it by 12 and then divide by 52.

The exact WEEKLY amount of Children’s Allowance per child is :-

  • 1 child = €32.30
  • 2 children = €64.60
  • 3 children = €96.90
  • 4 children = €129.20

If you can manage to spend only this amount of the Children’s Allowance per child each week then you hopefully won’t suddenly be short when the payment date is the 6th or the 7th of the month.

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13 thoughts on “Children’s Allowance Payment Dates 2021

    • We have not heard of any plans to do this. If people want to avoid visiting Post Offices they can collect payments every 2 weeks.
      Payments are kept for 20 days for Jobseekers, One-Parent Family Payment, Farm Assist, Back to Work Enterprise, Back to Work Family Dividend, SWA Supplements.
      For all other payments – they are kept for 90 days.

  1. Hello.
    With the new info, is the second payment of fuel allowance due the week beginning the 4th January? As it was previously recorded at 2nd week.

    • Increase is from 4th Jan. Payment date is still expected to be 2nd weeks of Jan. If it comes a week early that’s a bonus.

  2. Hi I’m just wondering can you email back your children allowance form dat they sent out to you in the post to have it stamped by the school

  3. I was due child benefit payment today but havnt recieved it, does anybody know why this would be?

  4. Hi, my daughter was born in middle of September. Does the child benefit get back dated to this date or begin in October?

    • If you care for a child on your own, you may be able to claim the Single Person Child Carer Credit (SPCCC). This child may be:

      your own child
      an adopted child
      any child that you support and maintain at your own expense.

      Only one parent or guardian of a child can claim the SPCCC in a tax year. You may only claim one credit, even if you care for more than one child.

      The value of this tax credit is €1,650 per year. This will reduce the tax you pay by €31.73 per week.

      You may also be entitled to an increased rate band of €4,000. This is an additional €4,000 at the 20% tax rate. If you are due the SPCCC, then you are automatically due the increased rate band.

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