Child Benefit Budget Cuts 2013

As expected – the rate of Child Benefit was reduced in Budget 2013 – the new rates will apply from this month – January 2013 .   The payments made in the first week of Jan 2013 will be at the new lower rates .
Many people will be surprised to see their new child allowance payment in 2013 – because most people will be expecting the cut to be just  €10 a month per child .  This is the figure that was publicised by most of the press. But the reality is that child benefit has been cut by as much as €20 a month for some children in larger families. This is because of cuts that were already due to happen because of the previous budget .  See

For the first 2 children child benefit has been cut by €10 a month — from €140 per month to €130 per month . The rate for the third child has been reduced  by €18 a month from €148 to €130
The rate for the fourth and each subsequent child  is now  €140 per month from January 2013 . That is a cut of €20 a month . (Previously the rate for the 4th , 5th Child etc was  €160 a month  )

The original plan was for child benefit to eventually be a flat rate for all children – so in 2014 the monthly rate in respect of the 4th and subsequent children will probably be  cut to €130.

Summary of Child Benefit Changes  January 2013

No. Children          2012 Rate            2013 Rate             Drop

One                               140                          130                 10

Two                               280                         260                  20


Three                            428                          390                  38

Four                              588                           530                 58

Five                               748                           670                 78



14 thoughts on “Child Benefit Budget Cuts 2013

  1. disgraceful, whats the difference in twins or two other kids, not a bigger expense it the very same, every child should be the same across accross the board not triple payment for twins.

    • I suppose with twins you need 2 of everything and nothing can be passed down ?

    • I have never replied to a post before but feel compelled to enlighten about the costs of twins. At first I thought the child benefit for twins generous but then we started incurring the costs…The arrival of our twins doubled our family from two to four children in one fell swoop. That meant we could no longer use our old car because we required four car seats. We had to buy a 7 seater. Our small house might have been sufficient for three teenagers but not for four so we had to leave. And the bills keep rolling in: two car seats, double formula, nappies, double buggy, playschool fees, etc. I have to drive more because I can’t pop one toddler on the back of my bike so incur more petrol costs – and the petrol costs of a 7 seater are huge, not to mention the car tax, etc. I use hand-me down clothes from wherever I can get them. We have never lived an extravagant lifestyle but we are financially struggling because of the changes we had to make as a consequence of having twins. All education costs will be double too…

      • Poppins… You obviously don’t have twins otherwise you would have thought before you posted that keeping the additional twin payment was “disgraceful”. My wife and I welcomed twins into the world recently, these are our first children. Unlike our friends we were unable to use any clothes, equipment, toys, etc. that could be handed down from previous children to supplement the cost of having 2 children. Quite simply, the cost is doubled and it is worth mentioning that you do not get double the maternity leave allowance wih twins, so the real cost of twins to the state compared with single children born apart is quite different. you may not realise that in last years budget, the once off payments were removed which for many, was a significant loss in income and support. If the further reduction in payment was also built into this years’ budget, the reduction in revenue for a family supporting twins over the last couple of years would be massive and quite frankly, back breaking! So Poppins… Think before you write such damning comments.

  2. Just had to replace 2 child seats, buy 2 high chairs & childcare costs are higher for babies so when you have 2 the same age it really hurts…and that’s just the start of it.

  3. it’s great the way mothers of single children comment on mothers with twins or triplets , if it was them would they say they didn’t need it . I am a mother of triplets who finds it pretty hard to have had to supply 3 of everything all at the same time , we couldn’t pass down a cot or car seat or a high chair . So before you comment just remember that buying clothes , nappies , baby milk and everything else that 3 babies require is a lot more expensive than buying for one .

  4. Mum of twins

    Well said, easy for single birth mothers to make comments but totally different when faced the stark reality of 2 or 3 babies needing nappies, childcare etc at the exact same time. Even if a family have just one year between siblings, for example starting preschool at least one will qualify for ‘free’ year at a time but if you want to give twins two years of preschool costs are double immediately. The savings are huge if you can pass items down from one sibling to another but of course the cost for twins is double instantaneously. My older two children both had 2 years of full time pre school but unfortunately my twins have to share their first year of pre school with each other because of the cost of sending both of them at the same time, why should they loose out? Maternity benefit is the same so the government gains in this case with twins then a woman claiming twice for subsquent children. This is a little help that is greatly needed for a lot of larger families!

  5. i agree with Tracy and Triplet Mom, buying everything double (or 3x) in this same time it’s really hard, at that moment i try to buy everything second hand for my twin boys but still not easy

  6. According to, a family with three children will be down €456/ year as it now appears the 3rd child is reduced to €130 from €148. Looks like last years reducion applies from the 3rd child not the 4th. Either that or they have sneaked in another reduction…. Today was a joke and a sham. We are a laughing stock. Paying up for the Bondholders and screwing our citizens. Pity we don’t have more revolt in us.

    • Neal – I have updated the post – yes the cuts are bigger than originally thought due to cuts carried over from the last Budget. All figures correct now . Thanks

  7. Could you please give a table for comparison? I am confused as how to calculate what we would actually get. It is understandable up to two children but after that… Thank you.

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