PRSI Increases in Budget 2013

Although we were promised no rises in Income Tax in Budget 2013  –  the government have still increased the PRSI deductions that  earners  (employed and self employed) will see taken out their salary.
This will affect lower earners more because they will will see a bigger percentage increase on overall deductions from pay than higher earners.

There is more fuss and protest over the new Property Tax  – which will see every home owner paying at least €90 a year – but the PRSI changes will mean that every worker earning over €352 a week will end up paying €264 a year more in PRSI . It will be taken from wages at €5 a week – so will not be as noticeable.

The Changes

People earning under €352 a week don’t pay any PRSI .  PRSI was previously not charged on the first €127 a week  –  but from January 2013 this PRSI free allowance is being removed .  All PAYE workers earning over €18k a year will see €264 a year more taken from their pay.

Example  – someone earning  €25000 –   the PRSI will rise from  €736 to €1000  a year – or about €22 a month  or €5 a week .

The Employee’s PRSI-Free Allowance of  €26 per week (for those paying PRSI Class B, C and D) will also be abolished from January 2013

Self Employed – The minimum annual PRSI contribution for people with annual self-employed income over €5,000 will increase by €247  from €253 per annum to €500 per annum.

PRSI changes will end up with many workers being at least €247  down a year – this is more than double the infamous Household Charge – but it will not create such publicity because it will be taken monthly in small amounts.

Currently, employees who pay PRSI at Classes B, C and D (a minority of the civil and public sector) are exempt from PRSI in respect of self-employed earned income (from a profession or trade) and any other unearned income e.g. rental income. This exemption will be abolished. All such income will become liable to PRSI at the rate of 4%.

In 2014  unearned income for employees will become subject to PRSI . This means that PRSI will be payable on income generated from wealth, such as rental income, investment income, dividends, interest on deposits and savings.
When added to DIRT -of 33% – this means the deductions on interest eared in deposits will be 37% from 2014  (assuming DIRT stays at 33% in 2014).

It is likely PRSI  will be deducted at source where possible – with a refund or opt out scheme for those who shouldn’t be paying it .  This could get complicated – but the alternative of everyone filling in tax returns would be worse.

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12 thoughts on “PRSI Increases in Budget 2013

  1. I would not.mind if I got my teeth looked after or my wife’s glasses more money to pay out for nothing

  2. Does PRSI on deposit interest, dividends etc mean that we’ll be paying a total of 37%(33%DIRT + 4% PRSI) in 2014 ?

    • Patricia – the exact details of how they will get the PRSI have not been announced – but it is likely that it will be deducted at source along with DIRT unless people have registered for exemption etc.
      So – yes there will be 37% taken off interest fromost people from JAn 2014.

  3. This is going to hit the low paid worker and self employed hard. A further disincentive to working.

  4. “People earning under €352 a week don’t pay any PRSI”

    Will this still be the case or does the removal of the allowance mean everybody, no matter how little they earn will have to pay PRSI?

  5. why they didnt put the higher prsi just for people earning over 3000euro a month all the bank managers and all the other managers doing feck all all day

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