Charges and Refunds When Cancelling Health Insurance

One of the “luxuries” that many people are deciding to do without is health insurance. Premiums have risen in recent years and many families can no longer afford it or don’t see health insurance as good value for money.
Switching health insurers has also become more common as people try to reduce costs.
Will you get  a refund of any premiums if you cancel health insurance .

Laya Healthcare  (Formerly known as Quinn insurance) have announced they will no longer refund customers who cancel their policy mid-term.(From June 18th)  The full year’s premium will be charged if someone leaves.

VHI customers who have made a claim in the year  are already liable to pay the  premium due up to the  next renewal date .  Other customers of VHI are charged a €50 administration fee  when they cancel a policy.

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Aviva health insurance is also considering the introduction of charges for leaving. Aviva’s  current cancellation policy states that  if  you have made an in-patient and/or day case claim you will not be entitled to any refund of premium.
If only  out-patient or  day-to-day claims have been made – you will get a refund of any unspent premium, on a pro rata basis from the date on which cancellation of your plan becomes effective.