Bereavement Grant – How Many Claimed It ?

It was announced in Budget 2014 that the Bereavement Grant is to be abolished in January 2014. Some people may not be aware that there was such a payment – but it has been in place since 1999 and was €850 in 2013.

It can be claimed by an insured person or the spouse, civil partner or dependent child/children of an insured person. It is not means tested – it has nothing to do with the ability to pay.  To claim the grant you need to provide a copy of the funeral bill.  You can get a claim form here (while it is still around)

In 2011 there were 28995 deaths in Ireland – and there were 22919 payments of the bereavement grant. That is a claim rate of  just under 80% – which is fairly high.
The removal of the grant will save the state about €19 million a year .

Back in 2010 it was estimated that the average cost of a funeral in Ireland was about €5,000 – with  costs in Dublin being the most expensive .

People on social welfare who have problems paying for a funeral can claim an exceptional needs payment .

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