Septic Tank Registration Charge

Since February 2012 it has been  the law in Ireland to  register domestic  septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems.
Contrary to popular belief – it is  NOT JUST SEPTIC TANKS that need to be registered . Basically any property that is not connected to the main sewerage system will be expected to register.The registration deadline was February 1st 2013  – but you can still register to avoid possible prosecution and fines.
All new homes need to have their waste water treatment system registered.

Householders are required to pay a  one off registration fee  of  €50 – ( it was €5 for anyone who registered before September 28th  2012) . This charge has also been called the  Septic Tank Tax.

Full details of where to register here .

Following the initial registration, householders will not be required to re-register their systems for several years – an interval of 5 years was originally mentioned – but this seems to have been abandoned now a nd no re-registration is currently required .

The revenue generated from registration fees will be used to fund the delivery of a national inspection plan which will be developed by the EPA and its roll-out will be managed by the local authorities;

Inspections of septic tanks and other waste systems began in the summer of  2013 and involves checking about 1000  of the  500,000 septic tanks and waste treatment plants annually.

Septic Tank Inspections will be concentrated on areas with higher risk to the environment and public health. Non registered septic tanks will also be inspected.

Inspections may give rise to householders being advised to improve the maintenance of their systems or, in more serious situations, may require the upgrading or remediation of the treatment system.

Grants will be available to assist with the cost of upgrading or repairing a system that is registered and fails the inspection.   Only if the system iwas registered before the end of January 2013.  Read more here about Septic Tank Grants

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  1. I am currently purchasing a property with a septic tank and was wondering what I need to do about septic tank registration. I have no idea if the septic tank has been registered. If it has do I need to register it again and pay again? Or do I need to transfer anything into my name or get details from the sellers? Many thanks.

    • Julie – your solicitor should ensure that the septic tank is registered before the sale goes through.
      The seller should get a Certificate of Registration from the ” Protect Our Water2 Support Centre b

      The new owner is responsible for updating the ownership details on the register.

  2. I have a holiday home in Donegal:this is the first I have heard of this new tax on septic tanks (? NPPR, PPS, Household Tax)I have never had any communication from any local or national government offices re these taxes,about when where or how to pay/register for these taxes and have therefore been fined for late payment when I finally hear of them by word of mouth.
    My septic tank is shared by others who never appear in Ireland-any clues re how to go about this.
    Incidentally some revenue offices know who and where we are as they have our names & addresses on file when we phone for information.
    May the good lord help us all!!

  3. i just found out my father in law
    didnt register his septic tank;
    what should i do now,he cant afford
    any big fines,any advice please

    • Patrick – he can still register without any penalty . at

  4. I am buying a house where by the septic tank has not yet been registered but will be before the sale of the house goes through. Where do i stand in relation to the grant if it fails inspection?

    • Seamus – if it was not registered you will not be eligible for any grant. If I was you I would get the septic tank checked out by a competent person / engineer before you buy just to make sure it is working OK. If it isn’t not -you might be able to negotiate a price reduction?

  5. heard on the news today that when they come to inspect my septic tank the government automatically has the right to fix it. My house was built in the sixties so it will probably fail inspection. Even with the 4000 euro grant I would not have the money to pay for a complete new system. Can I just refuse to let them start digging up my entire garden? By the way I don’t mind to go to jail. Just want to know can they force their way in???

    • Freda – not sure where you heard that they have the right to fix it . But you do have to let them inspect it – and failure to do so is an offence and could result in a fine of upto €5000 on conviction.
      ANyone who is not maintaining and desludging their septic tank is already committing an offence .

  6. we bought a new house 3yrs ago and the builder paid a fee for our tank to be maintained for five yrs .
    Do we have to have to register

    • Yes baz – everyone has to register their waste water treatment system or septic tank.

  7. Does anyone (including the Minister), know what the inspection parameters are? Is there a check list, or will the private company doing the inspections make it up as they go along ?


    • You need to continue through the whole application even though the next step looks like its not relevant as we are not on any main sewage line and the payment option page will appear.

  9. I too tried to pay the septic tax and was told the registration forms were not available yet if they have a list why do we need to register.This country cannot get any thing together certainly not my idea of a democracy. I personally think everyone should have their own professionally checked and just submit proof of checking to these so called government officials and charge them ha ha .

    • Mary – they haven’t set up the system to allow registration yet. It should be ready “shortly” we were told last week…

  10. Just wondering if a registration fee is required for slurry pits/tanks ? IF the septic tank can contaminate our water supply can the slurry pit not?
    Openness Fairness and Justness for all
    Sewerage systems are in place in urban areas Are there separate charges for town and city dwellers for these ?
    Openness Fairness and Justness for all
    DO protect our most valuable acid…..our water We need to use it so lets all pay something, but both urban and rural alike

  11. where can you pay the septic tank charge.
    i installed the tank specified by planning if they now say its not right who will pay for it as won”t as i fitted what was specified

  12. I have tried to pay it too but there is nowhere to pay it.

    • The system to enable registration is still not ready. This week Phil Hogan said it should be “ready shortly ” !!

  13. On 6th February Phil Hogan announced a reduced fee of 5 Euro for Septic tank registration from 1st April (wonder was it an April fool!) to 1st June, 2012. Thereafter it was to be 50 Euro. In Sep. 2011 it was said to be 100 Euro.

    I tried to pay it (on behalf of my mother who is a rural dweller) to Meath County Council ten days ago but was refused amd told that Meath County Council are not set up for it. They have no registration forms, no register of septic tanks and no inspection system in place. Apparently Cavan and Kerry County Council do. So people in Meath are to be penalised due to the inefficiency of the Dept. of the Environment.

    I notice the Govt. are being very quiet about septic tank charges at the moment with no mention of the June 1st deadline. Is this because they are waiting until after the referendum on 31st May or just more bungling by Phil Hogan’s deparment?

  14. Phil Hogan is in hiding until after the Fiscal Treaty Referendum, suddenly after 31 May a web site will work perfectly and those of us lucky enough to live outside of the Pail will be hounded for our fiver.

    • Probably true Kevin. They are keeping quiet about the Property Tax too.

  15. unable to register in relation to septic tank charge does that mean we will have to pay 50 euro if not registered before june

    • Hi Elizabeth – as it says in the article – registrations in teh first 3 months will be €5 . That is 3 months from when registration starts (whenever that will be).

  16. Where is the site to Pay the Septic Tank Registration Fee.

    • Patrick – it isn’t available yet. There seems to be a delay . The govt have not even said when they expect it to be ready..

    • No one can register septic tanks yet – we are still waiting to hear from the government when it will be happening.

  17. Has registration date been set yet and if so what is the site I need to go into Please

    • Brid – no date for registration as yet from the government . Maybe the staff are too busy checking all the household charge forms !!

  18. It is now the 2nd of May I was wondering what is the latest on the septic tank charges. I cannot fin anyway of registering for the septic tank charges.

    • Margaret – the Dept of the Environment are still working on the computer system. No date has been given for the start of registration.


  20. my co co has not received any information from the relevant dept on this to date. notheing. minister hogan said on 16th feb that this would be up and running in april. its now the 12th april-still no sign

  21. Could you please tell me when do I have to pay the septic Tank charge is, and how much is it.

  22. Hi there,was told by a friend yesterday that as we have a percilatour (sp!) instead of a septic tanks that we don’t have to register. I was delighted and spread the news, however from reading your notes above now, I see now that this is now probably incorrect. Can you please confirm for me?? Ta AM

    • Annmarie – all waste tretment systems have to be registered . Septic tanks, percolation systems, Biocycle – even soakaways. Basically if you have a house that is not connected to the mains sewage – you have to register .

  23. Hi. We were planning on doing a patio area out our back this year.We can’t go ahead with paito as if septic tank is inspected it might have to be ripped back up again if works need to be done. Where can we find info on the criteria to be met for inspection?????? Is this all aimed at forcing people to get in the bio cycle?????

  24. My house shares a septic tank treatment system with 2 other houses. Are all 3 houses liable for this charge.

    • Tony – all treatment systems are supposed to be registered. I would assume that even shared systems would need registering by all who use them – but I will try and get clarification on that. Who owns the system ?

  25. Where do I register my septic tank?
    I cannot find an online registration form. Does that mean that I cannot avail of the reduction in the registration fee?
    I am at a loss as to what to do now.

    • Camillus – don’t worry – septic tank registration hasn’t begun yet. The first 3 months will cost €5 to register. It should start before the end of April 2012

  26. i am worried about the septic tank charge i just paid the 100 for the property but there is no where to pay the 5 what do i have to do will they contact me now i have registered

    • Andrew – the septic tank charge is nothing to do with the 100 euro household charge . There will be a separate registration for that sometime in April !

  27. I am outraged at this tax/charge!! I have no access to mains sewerage – there is none available where I live and so I have to use a septic tank. I am on disability and my partner is on a carers allowance so if they do tell me to upgrade – which they probably will as the whole idea here is to have everyone upgraded to the new “eco tanks” no doubt – as previously asked, who will pay for this?! I cannot pay my mortgage so I certainly cannot afford to pay for a new septic tank – and why SHOULD I?!! The septic tank in place works perfectly?!! On top of that, we also have a well on our site, our mains water comes from this well. I think if our water table was affected we would know about it very quickly but unlike mains water, we’ve never even had a dot of grit or dirt in our water supply, its the best water I’ve ever tasted! So WHY should I upgrade my system when it doesn’t need upgrading?!! I am fuming about this……..penalised for living in the country.

    • Nikki – the chances of your tank getting inspected is pretty small. Unless it is causing pollution to the water supply you will probably have to do nothing. This whole exercise is just being done to make it look like Ireland is complying with EU rules. It is being done on the cheap – and you will only have to pay €5 registration fee.

      • Just because your water supply is not contaminated it does not mean it’s working properly, a tank that needs emptying regularly is not working properly. I am already involved in a dispute with the council, they issued a ‘notice’ on 4 properties sharing a tank, without fully inspecting the tank or giving any information as to the exact concern. It was based on a complaint but we are not the source of the problem. I think this is going to get very complicated, no one has access to the money required to upgrade these tanks, unles the EU can provide a fund to support the upgrade process it’s just not going to happen (The roads were paid for by the EU so why not this, lets face it we are paying to keep the banking system intact for the sake of the EU!)

      • Do you honestly think that when inspectors have to pay to become inspectors that they will not inspect as many properties as they possibly can and will find as much at fault as they possibly can! At a minimum every septic tank owner will find themselves forking out €200 a year to have the tanks desludged and the legislation provides that this type of documenation has to be held as proof and be available for inspectors. It was interesting on Prime Time last night that the Government can’t provide names and addresses to collect the Household Charge – best of luck with them on the Septic Tank Charge – a clever move with a €5 carrot – but remember nothing in this life is for free!

  28. In the case where the sceptic tank is on one persons property and other’s share it and pay the owner a small annual service fee, is the tank owner only have to pay or all proerties connected?

    Also if it is deemed that a tank needs upgrading where are people expected to find thousands of euro to have this work done, the banks won’t lend it to you?

    Thousands of people could end up being fined and not able to pay either the fines or the upgrade costs!

    • Aido – I would guess tha teach property owner is supposed to register their waste treatment system – whatever it is. If it is a shared system – then I would have thought that each property owner needs to register it as their way of treating waste.

  29. If you have not registered for the householders tax can yu register for the septic tanks?

    • I’m sure you can Joanne. When the registration system is up and running …

    • You should pay the household tax like everybody else………………………………………………….

  30. Paul – there is no website for septic tank registration yet. It probably won’t be available until April

    • Hi,

      Maybe I am missing something, but if there is no site where you can register until April, then no-one can avail of the reduced rate, as they can’t register.


      • Kate – according to my understanding you are liable. Only buildings that are fully residential and where rates are payable are not liable

  31. How do you register to get the reduced payment for septic tank of 5 Euros before the end of March? If registering of Septic tanks doesn’t begin until April?

    • Teresa – I don’t know where you heard about a reduced charge before March?
      The reduced fee of €5 will apply for the first 3 months of registration – and registration will not begin until April 2012.

  32. What and where are the criteria published which determine whether or not a septic tank installation conforms to the european/irish standards, which inspectors will use to establish whether or not remedial work is required?

    • Catherine – Septic tank registration is not expected to begin until April 2012 .

  33. Hi what is the site to register for septic tank charges and how does one become an inspector
    Thank You

  34. Our best endeavours to try and register. but It appears to be very difficult to find the registration site. we are ready and willing to pay please email us back with the link.

    • Registration doesn’t start until April. The registration web site is not yet up and running..

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