Septic Tank Registration Charge

Since February 2012 it has been  the law in Ireland to  register domestic  septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems.
Contrary to popular belief – it is  NOT JUST SEPTIC TANKS that need to be registered . Basically any property that is not connected to the main sewerage system will be expected to register.The registration deadline was February 1st 2013  – but you can still register to avoid possible prosecution and fines.
All new homes need to have their waste water treatment system registered.

Householders are required to pay a  one off registration fee  of  €50.

It was only €5 for anyone who registered before September 28th  2012
This charge has also been called the  Septic Tank Tax.

Full details of where to register here .

Following the initial registration, householders will not be required to re-register their systems for several years – an interval of 5 years was originally mentioned – but this seems to have been abandoned now a nd no re-registration is currently required .

The revenue generated from registration fees will be used to fund the delivery of a national inspection plan which will be developed by the EPA and its roll-out will be managed by the local authorities;

Inspections of septic tanks and other waste systems began in the summer of  2013 and involves checking about 1000  of the  500,000 septic tanks and waste treatment plants annually.

Septic Tank Inspections will be concentrated on areas with higher risk to the environment and public health. Non registered septic tanks will also be inspected.

Inspections may give rise to householders being advised to improve the maintenance of their systems or, in more serious situations, may require the upgrading or remediation of the treatment system.

Grants will be available to assist with the cost of upgrading or repairing a system that is registered and fails the inspection.   Only if the system iwas registered before the end of January 2013.  Read more here about Septic Tank Grants

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