Minimum Wage in Ireland

The Minimum Wage rates in Ireland rates  were increased in January 2017.    The current headline minimum wage rate for 2017  is €9.25 an hour – but there are lower rates for younger and less experienced workers.

 These are the  hourly minimum rates of pay that are in force in Ireland since January  1st 2017.

Experienced adult worker €9.25 per hour (Was €9.15)

Over 18 and less than 2 years since first job  €8.33

Over 18 and less than 1 years since began first  job  €7.40 

Aged under 18   €6.48

(An experienced adult worker –  for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage Act –  is an employee who has an employment of any kind in any 2 years over the age of 18.)

For example:  A 19 year old gets his first job on June 1st 2017 – he is entitled to €7.40 an hour. He won’t be entitled to €8.33 an hour until June 1st 2018 – the first anniversary of his first job. He won’t be entitled to €9.25 an hour until June 1st 2019 – the second anniversary of his first job.  It doesn’t matter how long he worked in each job or if there were gaps in employment.

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Minimum Wage for Trainees:

(Employee aged over 18, in structured training during working hours)

1st one third of course  €6.94

2nd third of course €7.40 

3rd part of course €8.33  

According to the Central Statistics Office, around 73,000 workers – or  4.7% of the Irish workforce – were being paid the adult minimum wage  in June 2014.

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If you think your employer is not paying you the minimum wage you can contact  the Workplace Relations Commission, O’Brien Road, Carlow.
Tel –  (059) 917 8990

Top Tip:  If possible try and get a job of some sort as soon as you are 18 – even if it is only for a week or two. That way –  two years later you will be classed as “an experienced adult” and  you will be eligible for the higher rate of the minimum wage (€9.25 an hour)

Living Wage – there is a campaign for employers to adopt a “Living Wage” in Ireland – you can read more about the Living Wage here


46 thoughts on “Minimum Wage in Ireland

  1. Hello,
    I’m working in school like a cleaner, from 1th of March. When I had interview, manager said, that I’ll give 9.75€/hour. But on my payslip shows 9.15€. The women working with me said, that can not to be like this, because they are getting 9.75€/hour. So, I can not to understand now, how should be? And what to do for me?

    • You should have an employment contract showing your hourly wage. You should ask your employer to confirm the rate of pay. We cannot advise on disputes such as this.

  2. If I have worked part time for the same employer for eleven years, there are no full time staff. Should there be a pay scale, I get paid the same as brand new employees

    • There is no law about pay rates – other than the Minimum Wage. You could try asking for a pay rise.

  3. Hi I am in full time employment 17 years and my basic pay for 39 hours is 307 euro . I also get commission on top of this at an average of 200 euro per week . I have contested this with my employers many times in the past but they say both are combined so I have no arguments but can’t get approved any bank loans as the say commission is a non guaranteed income could you please clarify this as I think I’m owed a substantial amount of money thanks

    • Where pay is made up of basic pay plus performance related commission – the legislation just ensures that the average hourly pay (basic plus commission) is at least the minimum wage (€9.15 currently) . The bsic pay before commission does not have to meet the minimum wage level. (So – at the end of a pay reference period (which must not extend beyond one calendar month), an employer must ensure that an employee’s reckonable pay divided by the employee’s hours of work is not less than the employee’s statutory minimum hourly rate of pay entitlement under the Act.)

  4. I’m 18 and have recently started a part-time job while in college, I’m getting €7.48 an hour and I worked since 2014 full-time during the summer ( 6 months in total ) is this correct or should I be getting more ?

    • If you had a job when you hit 18 and have not yet reached 19 – then the min wage for you is €7.32. This is our interpretation of the rules which we believe to be correct. If you want to verify this you can check with the Workplace Relations Commission,Tel – (059) 917 8990

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