Unfinished Estates Exempt from Household Charge and Property Tax

Houses  in certain unfinished housing estates were  granted a waiver  from the Household Charge     in 2012

In March 2013  –  new smaller  lists of unfinished estates that are  exempt from the Property Tax were released  . See more here about the Property Tax 2013 Unfinished Estates Lists .

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Which Unfinished Estates were  granted a waiver from  the Household Charge ?

The government  decided that only homes on two categories of estates  qualified for a Household Charge waiver in 2012 – these were :-
Category 3 unfinished estates –  where  a receiver has not been appointed and the developer is still in place but is effectively inactive;

Category 4 unfinished estates –  where  the development has been effectively abandoned and is posing serious problems for residents.

There were  about 1320  unfinished estates in category 3 and 4 that were granted a waiver  from the Household Charge . We estimate that there could be as many as 34,000 completed houses and apartments on these unfinished estates. Owners of these houses will not have to pay the household charge ..

Note :owners  of homes on these estates were still  supposed to  register for the  Household charge and claim the waiver for 2012. If you didn’t register – you may be asked to pay the Household Charge and penalties – which will increase to €200 in 2014.  You can still log into the online Property Tax system on Revenue.ie and claim your waiver from the 2012 Household Charge

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The full lists of unfinished estates in the various counties  that were  granted a waiver for thr household charge can be found below ,….. these are all the category 3 and 4 unfinished estates.

 Household Charge Unfinished Estates 2012

We have been in touch with South Dublin Council – and they have confirmed that there were  no category 3 or 4 unfinished estates in South County Dublin Council area.

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  1. I live in weston park oldtown co Dublin were there is no lighting roads not surfaced,and a lot more besides. the fingal county councel say the builder is still in charge till 2019 do i have to pay household /charge water charge thankyou

  2. Hi I live in an estate clover meadows where there is access to very dangerous areas through poor/broken fencing the water is unsuitable for drinking/showering and is damaging household appliances. Can you please let me know if I can be made exempt from this tax. Preferably could you confirm that money’s I would pay would be used specifically for the rectification of the same and I would be happy to pay.



    • BRian – I don’t think that the goverment will be giving any exemptions out because of poor water or bad fencing. You should probably get in touch with the local council (if you haven’t already) and see if they can do anything.

  3. Can you tell me if i have a house which is unfinished no water, electricity or plumbing or interior, do i have to pay the property tax? i am not living in it as it is not finished.

    • The legislation states that any property that is occupied or suitable for occupation as a dwelling on May 1st 2013 is liable for the property tax (unless it qualifies for other exemptions) .

  4. Hi

    I live in an unfinished Housing estate, Half Lighting, final Layer of Tar, Builders have left.
    Did not have to pay the Household charge last year as registered as unfinished Housing estate.

    Have registered for the property tax last week where the estate was on the Exemptions list but now estate is taken off the exemptions list and still unfinished.
    Can you advise what happens now, that unfinished housing estates have now to pay property tax

    • If you have already claimed an exemption based on the old list – then you will need to get in touch with Revenue to tell them you made a mistake.

  5. Hi

    Can you tell me if Beaupark Cresent, Clongriffin, Dublin 13 is on the unfinished housing estates list for 2013.

  6. I live in an unfinished estate, half roads, half lighting etc., did not have to pay household but not on list for excemption of the household tax.

    Can you advise how an estate half finished can go from such to finished..

  7. Hi,

    Can you confirm that my estate in Gort Co Galway Cuirt Bhreac is also going to be added to the list as an unfinished estate. We have no street lights for 5 years now and it is extremely dangerous in the estate for both adults and children.


    • Carioline – there are no unfinished estates in Gort on the 2013 list .

  8. Hi there,
    wondering if you can tell me if my unfinished estate is planning on being added to Category 3 or 4? The estate is Radharc na Heaglais, Derrinturn Carbury.

  9. If the household charge for a property in a cat 3 or 4 development was paid in error is it possible to get a refund

  10. Does the owner of a house which is not yet lived in and not finished have to pay?

    • If it is suitable for occupation – then yes (UNLESS it forms part of the trading stock of a business ) (got to protect those developers !!!)

  11. Hi
    Sorry I didnt see the reply and cannot find it on here, could I please ask it of you again?

    • The legislation has provisions dealing with the situation where a person who is the sole owner of a residential property dies.
      The legislation provides that the personal representative of the deceased person shall not be liable to pay the household charge relating to a year in which the liability falls after the date of death of the deceased person and before the date of issue of a grant of representation to the estate of the deceased person.

      If the owner died before Jan 1st 2012 and no grant of representation has been issued – then there is no liability.
      If the owner died after 1st Jan 2012 – there will be a liability for 2012 – which will have to be paid eventually by the “personal representative”

  12. i have been left a property by a deceased relative but as yet not registered in my name am i responsible for the property tax

  13. Hi i just want to inquire i live in newcastle co.dublin (near rathcoole) .The estate i live in still has 2 blocks of empty houses and apartments plus empty units scattered around does not have a proper road in the estate and still has a building site based in the estate would i still need to pay the tax for an half finished and 70% occupy dwellings

  14. Hi
    Lis na Dara, Dundalk is listed on the Co Louth waiver list but it does not say which category it is.

    If it is on the list does this mean we are exempt??

  15. hi i live in thurles co tiperary and there are no lists for thurles.. can you tell me what estates are exempt in thurles please???

    • The Paddocks , Gortnahoo, Thurles is the only estate in Thurles granted a waiver

  16. Hi – I live in a unfinished estate in Kildare so I will get a waiver if I register for the Household Charge. However if I don’t register will I be fined? What is 10% of €0? €0 right?
    I’m curious how this will work. I am “happy” to pay a fair and equitable property tax but this self registration is just a farce.

    • Not registering is an offence according to the legislation . So – if the local council find out tou have not registered and they take you to court and you are found guilty you could be fined up to €2500.

  17. I have paid the housdehold charge. The council has not as yet taken over our estate and the residents assoc have run out of money to cut grass etc…can we now ask the council to do this as we have paid the household charge for council services?

  18. Hi,
    I live in an unfinished estate in Co. Laois and i have clicked on the Laois County Council link, to see if my estate is on the list, but there is just a blank page appearing? Could you send me a link that is working please?

  19. the list of houses in the Roscommon are the same as the sligo list? how does this work? how do I find out the house in Roscommon? thanks

  20. HI we live in an unfinished estate and i registered the other day and i just want to know do i have to pay after i registered as i heard that if you live in a unfinished estate you don’t have to pay. I just want to make sure that im after doing the right thing as a lot of people are after telling me that i shouldn’t of registered as i will have to make the payment now. Can you please advise.
    Thanks a million

    • Jenna – if yopur estate is on the lists of unfinished estates – then you are given a waiver but you still have to register.
      Only estates on the lists are given a waiver . Just because your estate is unfinished in your eyes – it doesn’t automatically mean you don’t have to pay. See the Unfinished Estates Lists Here

  21. hy, i live in an unfinished estate since 2005 although the developer is finishing phase 2 now. we pay 365.00 maintenance fees per year but get nothing in return. The road is still unfinished and some of the street lights are gone since september 2011. Will i have to pay both fees as in theory the property tax should cover all that the maintenance fees do not.

    • hy again, yea the management company gets the 365.00. When we asked roscommon co council who is responsible for replacing the street lights they said to contact the builder. We did and in turn nothing has been done. We have got legal advice since about not paying the 365.00 and he agrees that we have grounds to withdraw this payment since the estate is not covered by roscommon co council. cheers

  22. i suppose as MoneyGuide suggests that if you are not satisfied that your estate is not on the list and exempt from the HC, you take it up with your local TD or councillor to see what can be done. which political party you approach is up to you… Seems unfair to me that if your developer has gone into receivership and your estate is not finished then it will not be exempt for the HC.

  23. What about Adamstown? Its completely unfinished and we are not on the list?
    When I look outside my kitchen window its unfinished roads and a shell of buildings across the way??

    • Amanda – as it says in the article NOT all unfinished estates are being granted a waiver – if the developer is still working on it Or has gone into receivership – they are NOT on the list

  24. I live in Cluainin Shannon co clare , developer still attempting to finish the development , still building houses , slowly, not in receivership . place is still a building site in many parts , building supplies and barrier every where , just recently finished 2 more houses , entry was never completed , still after 5 years access via the temporary entrance , so why on earth are we not exempt ???

    • Martha – where an estate development is still being actively completed by the developer – the government have decided they are not exempt.

    • We have checked with the council – they tell usthey have no unfinished estates that qualify for the waiver in SDCC !

  25. I live on an unfinished estate which is on the list, however I am not sure which category it falls under. Surely the list should have a Category number beside each estate so people know if they have to pay or not.

  26. I live near an estate listed for meath and it looks finished to me, Yet I live nearby and have no street lights, my street isn’t listed

  27. Hi, on the list of unfinished housing estates there is no listing or mention of South Dublin Co Co, do they have a seperate list?

  28. Please advise why Bruhenny in Churchtown, Mallow, Cork is not listed – I am looking onto exposed foundations with leftover building materials including cabins – no sign of builder since 2007/8. This classifed as finished?

    • Fergal – this website moneyguideireland is nothing to do with the government or the councils – so we do not have information about estates.
      We can only assume that it fits into category 2 – unfinished which is ” where a receiver has been appointed”.
      You should be able to find out from one of the phone numbers listed in the original articel above.

  29. i am living in the uk at the moment and own a house in ireland, i dont have a pps number, what happens then?

    • There is a facility to register without a PPS number if you are living outside Ireland – on householdcharge.ie

  30. hi my house is up for sale i dont live in it do i still have to pay the charge thanks liz

    • Liz – if you owned the house on Jan 1st 2012 you are liable for the charge I’m afraid.

  31. Kathy – The Minister for the Environment will issue a list of “unfinished estates” that qualify for a waiver. It will not be all unfinished estates – just the worse ones.
    List is expected to be released soon.

  32. It says that shared ownership houses are exempt, what about affordable housing? I have an affordable house and got totally fleeced by both the developer and county council. A two bed terraced, storage heating(never worked from day one), garden is a bog and kitchen is falling down, all for €160,000. In my opinion yet again the working person is attacked while the big guys who made their millions get away.

  33. Just checked website and cannot find a list anywhere? Does it apply to people who already pay management fees for these services???

    • Karen – There is no list available yet – . Payment of management fees will not mean you are exempt.

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