apple pay ireland

Which Banks Use Apple Pay in Ireland ?

Apple Pay is a method of paying for things using an Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple Mac. It is known as a digital wallet - you store your card details on the device then use the ...
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google pay ireland

Bank Cards that can be used with Google Pay in Ireland

Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) is a method of paying for things using an Android phone or tablet. Similar to Apple Pay - it is a digital wallet where you can store your bank card details on your ...
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back to school

Student Bank Accounts in Ireland

Most banks in Ireland have special Student Bank Accounts  - and they sometimes offer cashback or other incentives to entice new students to open an account with them. The Banks are hoping that once they get a new ...
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transfer usa to ireland

Best Place to Buy US Dollars in Ireland

Best Place to Buy US Dollars in Ireland The Euro to US Dollar exchange rate changes every day - but by comparing the exchange rates offered on a specific day we can get a pretty accurate indicator of ...
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Current Bank Account Charges and Fees in Ireland

Latest : See our Comparison of Bank Charges in Ireland with all the latest account charges compared. Ulster Bank is now charging €2 a month admin fee - with no waivers. If the account balance falls below €3000 ...
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N26 no longer available for UK Residents

N26 is one of the new "challenger banks" that has been growing at a fast rate in Ireland and the rest of Europe . We have already written about N26 in Ireland , but we are aware that ...
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