Check Your Credit Rating in Ireland for Free

A new credit register has been started in Ireland  – called the Central Credit Register. This is backed by Government legislation and was a condtion of the EU/IMF Programme of Financial Support for Ireland after the bailout.
Credit report requests by consumers are free and you have the right to request your own credit report at any time. ( See )

All lenders are now obliged to provide data to this Central Credit Register  (Only ICB members provide data to the ICB register)
It is expected that the new Central Credit Register  will eventually remove the need for the Irish Credit Bureau (see below for more on this). For the time being – both registers will operate side by side.

The Central Bank of Ireland is in charge of operating the Central Credit Register, Data about loans made since June 2017 is stored on it and all  lenders who give out loans of €500 or more are obliged to transfer information on these loans to the  register . Initially it only stored information on loans such as credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans and mortgages.  Since 31st March 2018 – lenders had to start  providing  information on business loans, and loans from licenced moneylenders and local authorities.

Eventually – data on other types of lending, such as hire purchase agreements and personal contract plans, will also be included.

Credit reports from the Central Credit Register

The idea is that lenders will be able to access the information on the CCR to get a more detailed picture of a consumer’s credit history, which will help them to make better decisions about loan applications. (Hopefully avoiding lending to people who might not be able to repay the loan.)

Consumers will also be able to see what credit information lenders hold about them.  Consumers have been able to request their own credit reports from  the Central Credit Register since 26th March 2018 . Requests by consumers are free and you will have the right to request your credit report at any time. ( See )

Only a consumer or a lender can request a credit report.

The Central Credit Register report will not:

• tell you if you can be approved for a loan;
• decide if a loan is approved or not – the lender makes that decision;
• include a score or grade.

Once you receive your credit report, it’s quite possible that you may spot an error .  For example, you may have completed a direct debit form incorrectly and missed a loan repayment due date as a result, or your lender may have granted you a payment holiday on a loan  but forgot to show this on their  report.

Financial institutions must ensure that information they hold about you is correct and up to date. You have the right to insist that they correct any incorrect information about you

For many years it has been ossible to check your credit rating or credit score with the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) to see what information it holds. It only costs  €6 to do the check.
It is pretty easy to get  a copy of your credit report. You can  apply online at . The €6 application fee can be also paid online using a debit or credit card.
You can also telephone all the ICB on (01) 2600388 to request an application form  by post, and submit it with a postal order or bank draft for €6 to the ICB.
The ICB is owned and financed by it’s members (banks and other financial institutions)

Your Credit Bureau Score (CBS) will sometimes be shown on your credit report. It will only appear if a lender has requested it as part of a credit check about you. Your Credit Score is  based on your credit history at a point in time, and will depend on criteria such as how many late repayments you have had, the number of credit cards and bank accounts you hold and the number of applications for credit you have made in the last year.  A high credit score is a positive one.  A low credit score is negative.


It is expected that the new  will eventually remove the need for the Irish Credit Bureau. For the time being – both registers will operate side by side.


12 thoughts on “Check Your Credit Rating in Ireland for Free

  1. Hi im thinking about buying my first house and am wondering what my credit rating is, how do i go about doing this?

    • Alison – did you not read the post ? It tells you what to do to check your Irish credit rating.

  2. paid €6.00 to ICB and got a reply saying have no credit rating etc …..nil response for €6.00

    • Hugh – you got a response. No credit rating is better than a bad one. Have you ever borrowed any money or had a credit card? If you think you should have a good credit rating – you should query it with the ICB. If you were expecting a bad report – then be thankful it isn’t.

  3. i applied to open a new bank account with ulster bank and was rejected because of my icb rating cant understand this iwasnt lookin for credit but to get my wages lodged in the bank each week!!!

  4. I have lived in approximately 15 different address in the last 14 years and ICB says they can’t check unless I give all of them but not sure I can remember them all – Does that mean I can be given an inaccurate credit report if I miss an address or get the house number wrong?

    Also, if someone has a bad credit rating and get the report will they be asked for repayment?

  5. Hi,
    I am in the same situation of Hugh.
    I requested a credit record form ICB and there’s no trace of my Credit Score on the document received!
    I am 31 years old, never had a loan and always paid everything on time. I recently requested a credit card (my very first one) and was refused ‘because of my credit score’.
    How is that possible? Where can I access to my credit score information to check everything is ok? (Obviously ICB didn’t help and it’s very hard to contact them via phone, plus they don’t even have a contact email on the website).


  6. I was resident in Northern Ireland until 2 years ago. How does a credit check work in this instance?


  7. Taking into count that in other European countries as per law you have the right to get one credit statement per year free to check what is recorded about you, I feel that 6 EUR is a rip off. Don’t forget it’s your data they held about you.

    But also I’m not too surprised that the data protection Commissioner is not doing his job as he didn’t do anything else useful yet.

  8. If I have a bad credit rating in Ireland would this affect me getting a loan in Britian

  9. Hi

    I recently bought a proberty. I know the previous occupants had financial problems and that is why they sold. Can my address affect my credit score due to bad credit history on the address before I bought?

    • William – If you experience any problems with credit – you should easily be able to correct any wrong info on your credit score. It shouldn’t happen – but it cannot be ruled out especially where people with similar names are involved.
      Don’t worry about it.

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