Bank Holidays in Ireland 2018

There are 9 public holidays in Ireland each year.   Some people refer to them as Bank Holidays – but not all Bank Holidays (when banks are closed) are also Public Holidays.

The next Bank Holiday in Ireland will be December 25th 2018.

Full List of Bank Holidays in Ireland  2018

A Bank Holiday is a day on which the banks will be closed. BUT – all bank holidays are not Public Holidays.
Unless stated – all the dates below are both Public and Bank Holidays .

  • New Years Day Monday Jan 1st 2018
  • Saturday 17th March – St Patricks Day
  • Mon 19th March – Bank Holiday NOT a Public Holiday)
  • Friday 30th March  2018 – Good Friday   (Bank Holiday – Not a Public Holiday)
  • Monday 2nd April 2018 – Easter Monday
  • Monday May 7th – May Day
  • Monday June 4th 2018 – June Bank Holiday
  • Monday August 6th 2018 – August Bank Holiday
  • Monday October  29th 2018 – October Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday 25th December  2018 – Christmas Day
  • Wednesday 26th December 2018 – St Stephens Day
  • hursday 27th December 2018 – (Banks closed – not a Public Holiday)

When a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday – many people assume that the following Monday is treated as the public holiday.   But this is not the case. 

Workers rights : Where a public holiday falls on a weekend, workers do not have any automatic legal entitlement to have the next working day off work.  When this happens – some employers will be treating it as a public holiday but your employer can require you to attend work on that day.
When/if  this happens you are entitled to one of the following (unless you are a part-time employee):

  • A paid day off within a month of the public holiday
  • An additional day of annual leave
  • An additional day’s pay

More about Public Holiday Pay Here


13 thoughts on “Bank Holidays in Ireland 2018

  1. So a Bank holiday is generally a day off for a public holiday that falls on weekend day? Why are the banks closed? For people not to be able to rob banks if they ran out of cash for booze?

    • The banks do seem to get extra days off – not sure why ? The bank holiday on Wed 28th Dec this year is a bit strange.

  2. Do Sunday workers who work on the 1st January (an official bank holiday) have a right to bank holiday pay when it falls on a weekend? My employer hasn’t paid any for the 1st January (just the 5c “premium” rate extra on top of minimum wage as per all regular Sundays). I am part-time and had worked more than 40 hours in the 5 weeks leading up to the bank holiday.

  3. If I’m not normally working on Patricks day Saturday 17th March am I entitled to Monday off paid

  4. Just wondering I get paid domicialary allowance into bank will it come in early cause of banks closed Monday ?? The 19th March 18

  5. I worked 17/3/18 and will work Monday 19/3 do I get extra pay for 1 or both days.
    Thank you

    • Monday 19th is not a public holiday – so your employer is not obliged to pay you any extra – although some might decide to.

  6. I’m working both dates too (17/3 and 19/3)..everywhere states that today is a bank holiday..does that not entitle us to extra pay today as well as Saturday???

    • I can only repeat what it states in the article –
      Monday 19th March 2018 may be a Bank Holiday, in that the banks are closed, but it is a normal working day and not a Public Holiday, Saturday 17th is the Public Holiday .

  7. I work very long hrs in a guest house I don’t get paid at all for bank holiday is this right

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