Alternatives to 1890 and 1850 Phone Numbers

Many companies and government departments in Ireland make use of the so-called “Lo call” 1890 or 1850 numbers – but for most people  – making a call to one of these numbers can cost more than ringing a “normal” landline number. If you are on a call package where you have free landline calls or a certain amount of free landline calls – these 1890 or 1850 numbers are not usually included in the free calls.

There are plans to change the way phone companies charge for 1850 and 1890 numbers from December 2019. So from that date you won’t need to worry about extra call charges or out of bundle extra charges.   – read more about that here.

1850 and 1890 numbers are part of a group of numbers referred to as non-geographic numbers. These calls are not classified as national or local calls and therefore telephone companies generally do not include calls to these numbers in any included free minutes offered as part of your plan monthly fee.

All the figures below are related to call costs prior to December 2019

Calls to 1890 numbers are charged per minute. Calls to 1850 numbers are charged at a fixed rate per call.  For longer calls, it will usually be cheaper to call 1850 numbers instead of 1890 if you have a choice.

Calls from landlines to 1890  numbers will cost you up to 7c a minute and from mobiles as much as 35c a minute. See details of the charges for calling 1890 numbers here.

More information here about the Cost of 1850 numbers

You should try and find an alternative number to the 1890 number.  Companies should really list alternative numbers on their websites and in the phone book – but sadly they don’t always do that.  Many state departments have started using 0761 prefixes – which are treated as normal landline numbers.  More companies and government departments should do the same.

See more here about 0761 Numbers