Cheapest Rural Electricity Charges in Ireland.

All the electricity providers in Ireland have higher standing charges for rural households compared to urban ones.
Urban or rural charging is determined by the location of your property and is assigned by ESB Networks.

Rural electricity charges are higher because the electricity suppliers are allowed to charge a higher standing charge. The logic behind this is that it costs ESB networks more to supply electricity to properties further away from the network.
ESB Networks charges your Electricity Supplier for use of the Electricity Distribution System. ESB Networks charge the electricity suppliers €74.37 a year standing charge for urban households and €108.48 a year for rural households. (Inclusive of VAT) .
That is a difference of €30.11. The electricity suppliers all have their own standing charges .

.There is no such distinction for gas standing charges – because all the gas networks are in urban areas

Urban or Rural ?

You can check if you are on a rural or urban residential standing charge by looking at the top right-hand corner of your bill. You will see either DG1 or DG2 just underneath the MPRN.
DG1 indicates you are classed as an urban customer. DG2 means you are classed as a rural customer.

How much extra are Rural households charged for Electricity ?

We did a comparison of the annual electricity charges for average usage (4200 kwh). On average – in our survey- a rural household will be charged €43.37 more a year for the same amount of electricity compared to a household in an urban area.
The differences ranged from €34 to €51 . You can see the figures in the table below. (Prices include VAT)
The unit rates are the same for rural and urban homes – it is the standing charge that is higher.

In our main comparison of electricity charges – we use the urban rates.

Rural Electricity Prices Compared

Cost in Year One
for 4200 KwH
Unit Rate
(Cent per KwH)
Extra Annual Cost Compared
to Urban Tariff
Electric Ireland €874€14016.55€36
Glow Power€880€20715.08€33
Iberdrola €886€20915.20€35
BE Energy €891€21115.29€34
SSE Airticity€890€22814.86€47
Bord Gais Energy€899€21515.37€45
Panda Power€968€21517.01€49
Electric Ireland
Standard Rates
Comparison of annual electricity prices for average usage on the Rural tariff.
These prices are for new customers - so existing customers will probably be paying more.

For rural households looking to switch to the best electricity deal – if you are not currently with Electric Ireland – then the cheapest deal is to switch back to Electric Ireland (€874 for average usage)

If you are currently with Electric Ireland then the next best deal is to go with GlowPower or Energia ( both €880 for year one).
Details of GlowPower here.
The Energia deal is only available on the Energia website with promo code CHEAPESTFUEL.

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  1. Thank you for this post you promised me to look into rural prices and you did! A lot of people get confused by the difference and don’t know that there is a price difference in the standing charges. How some of the suppliers charge well over double the standing charge rate they have to pay is an eye opener to me. Keep up the good work. PJ

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