When is the Date of Budget 2015 ?

The date for Budget 2015 has been set for Tuesday October 14th 2014.
The title sometimes confuses people – they expect the Budget announcment that is taking  place in 2014 to be called Budget 2014 but it is setting the Budget for 2015. Most of the changes announced in Budget 2015 will take effect from January 2015 – but usually any increases in duty that affect things like alcohol , petrol or tobacco take effect from Budget day.
Update –  See details of Budget 2016 which will be announced in October 2015 Here.
This will be the second Budget day to take place in October after several years of December budget days.  The main reason for shifting the date was to fit in wth EU budgeting timetables.

We are expecting yet another austerity Budget – maybe the last …..  maybe not.
There is still about €2 Billion Euro to be taken out of the budget – where will it come from this year ? Who will lose out in 2015?
The amounts for the Water Charges should be decided well before Budget 2015 and the Property Tax demands  for 2016 will be  on the way out soon after. More bad news around the same time will not go down well.

Latest Budget 2015 Information Here