Social Welfare Payment Dates Christmas 2016

Social Welfare Payment Arrangements for Christmas 2016
These dates have been  confirmed by Dept of Social Protection )

Note– If you are looking for information about the 2016 Christmas Bonus for Pensioners and Welfare recipients  see here 2016 Christmas Bonus

The Department of Social Protection’s offices will be closed on Monday 26 December, Tuesday 27 December  2016 and Monday 2 January 2017

Banks will close  on Friday 23rd December and will not reopen until  Thursday 29th December.
Post Offices will close at 1pm on Dec 24th and will not reopen until Thursday 29th December.
There will be no mail delivery or collection on December 25th ,26th ,27th or 28th.
Post Offices and Banks will also be closed on 2nd January 2017

Double Payment Week : Week beginning 19th December

Payments  for People who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices
All people who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices will receive their normal payment plus  an advance/double  payment (for the following week.)  This double payment will be made in the week beginning Monday 19th December 2016 along with your usual payment for that week.

So – any payments due between 26th and 31st December will be made in the previous week along with your normal payment for that week. There will be no “regular” weekly payments during the week beginning Monday 26th December 2016

Any payments due for Monday 2nd January 2017 may be collected from Friday 30th December 2016.

Payments for People who get Weekly Payments Direct to Bank Accounts.

Most customers (except casual Jobseekers) paid weekly direct to bank accounts will also receive their normal payment(s) and an advance payment during the week beginning Monday 19th December, 2016. The advance (double) payment will be the payment(s) due in the week beginning Monday 26th December 2016. The following exceptions apply…

  • Payments for Maternity Benefit and Health & Safety Benefit due Monday 26th December 2016 will be paid on the Friday 23rd December 2016.
  • Payments due on Monday 2nd January 2017 for Jobseekers Allowance, Jobseekers Benefit, Illness Benefit, Maternity, Health and Safety Benefit and Basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance will be paid on Friday 30th December 2016.

Normal weekly payment dates will resume from Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Casual JobseekersPeople who work part time and claim Jobseekers Benefit or Jobseekers Allowance :

Payments due on Tuesday 20 December 2016 will be paid as normal
Payments due on Tuesday 27 December 2016 and Tuesday 3 January 2017 will both be credited to accounts on Friday 23 December 2016

People who get Monthly Payments
Monthly payments will issue as normal with the exception of Social Welfare Supplements . All Supplement payments which are due to be paid on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th December 2016 –  will all be paid instead  on  Friday 23rd December 2016.

Foreign payments due during the week beginning 19 December 2016 will be paid during the week beginning 12 December 2016.

193 thoughts on “Social Welfare Payment Dates Christmas 2016

  1. if my week of paimant starts from 15/12/16 and normal colection is in Friday 23/12 and so on when sould I get double before on the 16 or week after

    • Work in rehab recycle but we never get a Xmas bonus we get pay half by far and rest rehab recycle pay just thank we don’t make great money anyway and a Xmas Bonus would be of great help to us

  2. Relation to Christmas Bonus for people on Disability Allowance what date have they confirmed for this 30th November I cant see here only says the 28th Of November ???

      • Do I get xmas bonus I’m on Jobseeker’s Allowance for nearly 9 months previous to this I was on Jobseeker’s benefit after doing my solas course

      • 15 months or more on jobseekers of some sort and/or solas – then you should get the bonus.

      • If you are receiving illness benefit to the present day but have been awarded disability allowance from the 31/08/2016 and won’t change over payments until 21/12/2016..are you entitled to be back payment of the Christmas bonus and fuel allowance payment from the the date you were awarded disability allowance..which is 31/08/2016 ??

    • Yes it will be the 30th for disability allowance. As I get mine every Wednesday. It’s usually in after 11 on the Tuesday though

    • Not sure what you mean Michelle . Monthly payments are unchanged and any changes to weekly payments are listed above.

  3. just wondering i’m on back to education allowance and i get paid on thursday through the bank so will i get a double pay do you know and also do i get a christmas bonus? i’ve been on the jobseeker allowance before i went to back to education.

    • If you read the article again you will see it states ” All customers paid weekly direct to bank accounts will receive their normal payment(s) and an advance payment during the week beginning Monday 19th December, 2016.” No double payments this week – why did you think there would be?
      Regarding the Bonus – if you have been on JA and BTEA forr at least 15 months before BTEA – then you should get the bonus.

  4. Will people who claim part time payments receive the Christmas bonus? Also do we receive a double week on the week beginning December 19th?

    • Yes you will get a bonus if you have been getting Jobseekers Allowance for 15 months or more.
      For casual/part time workers claiming Jobseekers Payments a double payment will be made on Fri 23rd Dec (This will be the payments due on Tuesday 27 December 2016 and Tuesday 3 January 2017 )

      • So that double payment is just regular payment in advance and not an actual xmas bonus?

      • my son inlaw is on illness benefit for 10 years he never be able to work again he is on illness benefit for life .i dont think is fair when he dont get christmas bonus or fuel allow .is realy is not right .some people out there is geting everything. and the real sick people that is on illness benefit for years get notting .is just make me sick the way the real illness people is bring left out

      • Without knowing the full details of the case it is hard to comment – but usually if someone is permanently unable to work – then they should probably be getting Invalidity Benefit. Has he ever applied for that ?

  5. If the week starting from 19th is double payment week for that week and 26th, is possible to collect it say when the post office re opens on the 29th, the double pay instead of the 19th.

    • You would need to check that with Social Welfare -( but it may be possible in most cases)

      • The double week is next week. Why did you think it was a double week this week.
        The article states “This double payment will be made in the week beginning Monday 19th December 2016 along with your usual payment for that week.”

  6. I Am on disability allowance and how will my payments work over the xmas holidays cause I can’t understand some of the wording

    • It depends what benefit you are getting. Re check the list in the article to see. The only time limit of 15 months is on Jobseekers or basic Social Welfare.

  7. Unsure if I will receive it. I am doing a course in Baldoyle Training Centre since July and they are paying me. I finish in February.

  8. I’m on jobseeker for years iv applied for disability those that effect my bonus

  9. hi I was on job seekers for the last 5 years and claiming for my wife I went on carers in june and my wife had to open her own claim for jobseekers allowance I am just enquiring to what our situation is regards the Christmas bonus thanks

  10. do people on disability allowance get the christmas bonus on the 1st of december and the double week on the 19th of december I am unsure about this about the way it works this year

  11. If I finished I Tus course in September and signed on again will I get the xmas bonus

  12. I was told that cause Im on Widow pension and paid through the bank on Fridays that I will only receive a normal payment on the 23rd December and another on the 30th December. Is this true or should I receive a double payment in the bank on Friday 23rd December and after that the 6th January. So confused here.

    • The information we have given is what was provided by the Dept of Social Protection. Who told you the payments would go out as normal?

  13. Hi iv been on jobseekers allowance for 12/13 months and before that I was on jobseekers benefits for 9 months, so iv been unemployed and receiving 188 euro for 20/21 months now will I receive the bonus this year? Thank you

    • Yes you should get the bonus because you have been on jobseekers (one or the other) for more than 15 months.

  14. Hi just wondering am I entitled to Christmas bonus ! I was on on jobseekers for estimated 6/7 years and then in June of this year I started a course full time ! In athlone training centre I still get €188 payment . But I was told I’m not officially on the dole so I won’t get it! Is this correct?

    • We are not Social Welfare – they make the decision… but based on the information available we would be surprised if you don’t get a bonus. You will find out soon . Let us know how you get on . If you don’t get one – maybe chase it up with Social Welfare to ask why.

  15. Hi all

    I have applied for job seeker and got it last week I find expect to get it so soon the lady at the social welfare office told me it will take a while so I will go to Spain till january they close my claim and ask me to reopen it when I come back is this correct

  16. hi i was on jobseekers for a few years and then went on supplementary allowance for almost a year and now i’m back on jobseekers about 5 months…..would i qualify for the bonus?

    • If you have been claiming continuously for more than 15 months you should get the bonus.

  17. Hi I am just wondering in relation to the Christmas Bonus if people have noticed yet the bonus being spread across 2 weeks? I was up today thinking the full bonus would be there and seems I only got a fraction of it this week, hoping/presuming the rest will be with next weeks payment

    • How much extra did you get ? What is your normal weekly payment? They don’t usually spread the bonus .

  18. lone parent , get payments on thursdays normally, will I get two week payent before Christmas thursday as well. or Monday 19th?

  19. My boyfriend works ten hours a week and is on Certs, his Certs are a week behind though so will he get his bonus this week or next ?

  20. My loanparnents was taken last year and I was put on fis I find it very unfair not to get a bonus

  21. If my partner claims for me and the 2 kids hes gtn jobseekers allowance and works 2days he dose the x and o eaxh week will we recove tge xmas bonus as we avent recived it today or is tat cause were paid a week behind

  22. I work part time and claim my other days have been doing so for the last 17 to 18 months and I did not receive a Christmas bonus I thought I would have I just got the normal 169 is this correct tia

    • Jobseekers Benefit recipients don’t qualify for a bonus but Jobseekers ALLOWANCE do (if they have been on Jobseekers for 15 months or more)

      • As stated in the article on Chritmas Bonus – the rules for the Christmas Bonus do not include Illness Benefit. When this has been raised in the past – the answer from governmant or the Dept of Social Protection is that Illness Benefit is not classed as a long term benefit.

  23. Still not sure whether FIS get double payment, I know we don’t get a bonus and it is paid weekly into bank just like to know if and when the double week is paid?

  24. Me and my.partner get carers will we qualify for the Christmas bonus or just the 10

    • Carers allowance is on the list of benefits that qualify for the Christmas Bonus in Ireland. The £10 mentioned in the article is the UK Xmas Bonus.

  25. I signed of for 1 week then back on im on emergency payment now will i get bonus as i was signed of for 1 week for 2007

    • If the total time on JS and CE scheme is 15 months or more I would expect you to be eligible for the bonus.

  26. Hi my husband claims for me and 2 children he was on jobsekers for 2 years now he is on disability would we still get the bonus this year thanks

  27. Domiciliary care allowance is normally paid in the third week of the month does that mean we will not recieve our bonus until then??

    • All monthly paid benefits gat the bonus along with their December payment — as it states in the article.

  28. When are we getting our Christmas bonus I am currently on training allowance and I am worried I won’t be getting it

  29. Hi I m taking Jobseeker’s Allowance I want to confirm which date of dec I will get double payments I usually get every Tuesday

    • As stated in the article – double payment will be in with your normal payment during the week starting 19th Dec. So if you get paid on Tues 20th – it will be in that payment.

  30. I’m on illness benefit for quite some time now wil I get a Christmas bonus. Not sure if this was answered above

  31. I’m currently on Supplementary Welfare Allowance as I’m not entitled to any disability payments because I don’t have enough credits. Prior to getting SWA I was on Jobseekers’ Allowance for more than 15 months. I haven’t received any bonus in this week’s payment, does that mean I don’t get anything? Please and thanks, in advance.

  32. It wasn’t answered Kate.

    I’m also on illness benefit & am anxious for an answer.

  33. This is rent allowance payment collection in Post office . My payment day is 22.12. As i understand that day is paid double,for next week, which is 29.12.Can I collect my double payment on 29.12.thanks

  34. As I have a very awkward landlord can you tell me when rent allowance cheques are sent out in Dec ? Mine is usually sent / posted on final Monday of month which is 26th thanks

    • As stated in the doscument – “All Supplement payments which are due to be paid on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th December 2016 will all be paid instead on the Friday 23rd December 2016.”

    • All Dept of Social Protection weekly payments will be doubled up in that week – as it says in the article.

  35. My loan parent payment is due the 22nd where we get the double payment, I am unable to collect it as my son sadly will be in hospital for a week could I collect it on the 21st, I have rang welfare and they were not very helpful any comments would greatly be appreciated 😊

  36. I am a penshioner will I get double week on 19th as banks not open on 26th thanks

  37. Hi I’m just wondering I’m on jobseekers allowance and work part time but this is nothing to do wit Xmas I left in my docket last Wednesday and my payment goes into bank every Tuesday but I keep checking and it still hasn’t gone in even today I’m getting worried cos my money is low Any ideas why I didn’t get paid thanks

  38. My rent allowance is due in post office on 29/12 which is last Thursday of the month. Will it be there earlier by any chance ?

    • As stated in the articele .. “All Monthly payments will issue as normal with the exception of payments which are due to be paid on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th December 2016 – these will all be paid instead on Friday 23rd December 2016.

  39. I’m on invalidity pension and get paid to the bank every Thursday,just wondering do i get the double week before Christmas or as per normal on the Thursday the 29th of December?

  40. PLEASE Before you ask a question – please read the article in full. It will save everyone time.

  41. I receive Back to Education every Thurs via my bank account. Will I get my double week the Thurs before Xmas eve or the week before that again??

    • The answer is in the article – see “Payments for People who get Weekly Payments Direct to Bank Accounts”

  42. Will I get double payment on 21 of December for the payment will include 28 of December

  43. If I read the article before asking a question will it save all of us time!!!?
    No wonder so many people not working, can’t read, can’t spell, definitely no problem solving skills, but alas, they sure as hell can count when it comes to free tax payers money! HaHaHa! “Merry Christmas”

    • Merry Christmas Paddy .
      This item has attracted a record number of comments – as it does every year. Most of them just asking questions that are already answered in the article.

  44. i get my widower allowance pension every Friday so ill get my Friday the 16 payment as usual to my bank account when will I get my payment for Friday 23 dec and the 30 of dec thanks you thankyou for your time

    • This is what it states in the article : “People paid weekly direct to bank accounts will receive their normal payment(s) plus an advance payment during the week beginning Monday 19th December, 2016”
      So – your payment on the 23rd will be adouble payment and there will be no payment on the 30th.

  45. Please read the article in full before you ask any questions about when you will get the double payment. The double week is in the week starting 19th Dec and ending 23rd Dec. Your normal payment in that week will be twice as much as usual and you will get no payment the following week.
    No more questions will be answered unless the answer is not in the article.

    Thank You

  46. If I receive regular month payment on my service benefit card what exact day will I get it ?

  47. What a pisstake, unemployed since Aug 31 but not entitled to Xmas bonus. Do you seem to think because I’m not long term unemployed , as you call it, that I dont need the money. Huge mortgage which accompanied with other bills mean that every week I forfeit my 188 to help pay my mortgage. After this my wife must pay for everything while people out there who abuse the system get it all. I’m 49 years old and worked all my life and then get treated like a piece of dirt. This is not acceptable. People in social housing who won’t work get it all, what is the point anymore. They should be made to work gir their money, its a disgrace

    • Eoin – don’t shoot the messenger , we are just passing on the info we don’t set the rules.

  48. Hi just wondering if you know do I get Christmas bonus regarding DCA if I am in receipt of Carers? And if so any idea when? Thank you so much I did read all articles but wasn’t sure

    • DCA and Carers are both eligible for the bonus – as stated in the article. If you are paid monthly the bonus should be in your December payment.

  49. Merry Christmas Money Guide.. you have been very helpful all year to many people that have a lot of questions and have no one to ask them to. Our country should have a social welfare online service that can facilitate people questions online, but your doing a great job at helping and providing answers and information… Merry crimbo and a happy new year!!

  50. Hi I have read the article but it doesn’t mention fis at all are they paying double next week do you know?

  51. I’m on illness benifit and get paid on Thursdays. But I got a double week this Wednesday the 14th. Will I get paid again this Thursday the 22nd or the following Thursday, the 29th?

    • Strange that you got a double week thi sweek. You should double check with Social Welfare to see what they have paid you.

  52. I have my rent deducted from my an post lone parents payment automatically so will they take the 2 weeks rent on the double week ?

  53. I signed on rhe 14th dec 2016…for jobseekers allowance..should have been paid today 19 th dec but havnt?????

  54. I am on illness benifit and get paid on every Friday. Friday just gone the 16th I got a double week. I am due to put in my Cert again this Tuesday so do you think my payment go through this week

  55. Hello I’m now on illness benefit for the last six months,I was just finished a tus course and was back on jobseekers when I was taken I’ll,I have been receiving fuel allowence & bonus the last couple of years,as I was entitled but now I don’t receive Ivor now that I’m not well the fuel allowance is a big loss or is there a mistake yours great fully tommie

    • We on illness benefit are entitled to less for some reason. Even though we have to spent more on medication and transportation

  56. Hi I’m on a ce scheme and got a double week the 16th of December, any idea when I will be paid again. All the ce girls got it then too.

  57. Hi i am abit confused because i am also on illness benefit and received my double payment on the 14th. So i am also wondering will i receive another double pay this week too?

  58. My husband put in cert each Friday for occupational injury. He got paid one week today when should he put cert in yo get paid next week

    • For casual workers – Payments due on Tuesday 20 December 2016 will be paid as normal
      Payments due on Tuesday 27 December 2016 and Tuesday 3 January 2017 will be credited to accounts on Friday 23 December 2016

  59. Hi just wondering if I collect mine Monday 2nd can I get it Friday 30th too. I asked the social welfare they said it won’t be in until the Tuesday should this be right?

    • The information provided by Social Welfare to all claimants is that payments normally due to be collected at Post Offices on Mon 2nd Jan will be available for collection on Fri 30th Dec. If someone from Social Welfare told you otherwise – then that does not match up with what their publicity information is telling everyone. Hopefully the person you spoke to was wrong.

    • Hi Lou, the social told me the same thing. I always get mine on Mondays as well. I checked in post office today (Thursday 29th) and they said nothing there tomorrow either. I hope there is a mistake

  60. Hi my rent allowance arrives by post on the last Thursday of the month, I know all supplement payments will be in the post office on the 23rd but what if you get it through cheque in post

    • Social Welfare say there is no change to monthly payments – so your cheque should arrive as usual on Thurs 23rd. Of course – thre could be delays because of Christmas Post.

  61. I’m on a CE scheme and I got my usual payment today but not a double payment? What does this mean?

  62. Just wondering, when the child benefit is paid for jan. I get it into my bank, thanks…..Merry Christmas.

  63. My husband on CE scheme , told yesterday only been paid 1 week this week and not been paid for 9 days then as banks closed !! Please tell me this is wrong . I thought CE was paid the same as SW

  64. I picked up my Christmas bonus this week I get paid weekly I’m on job seekers allowance so when will I go to the post office again ? From what I can read it seems like 3rd of Jan but I go down on a Tuesday usually

  65. On what date will my rent allowance arrive in my landlords bank? Usually the last thursday of the month but banks are closed nearly all of nxt wk and dont reopen until Thursday so will it go tru this week?

  66. Hi I get my rent allowance on a different day to my social welfare payment. Will that mean I will be collecting my rent allowance on the usual Friday. Because I didn’t get it on Tuesday? Thank you.

  67. Is dietary the same as supplements n if if so I did t get it n I get monthly payments single mom and I haven’t got a bonus but got one last year

  68. When will child benifit be lodged in bank account? Is it on tue 03rd jan? Thankyou?

  69. Jist wondering of there will be payment thursday 29th december for loan parents or is it the week after ?

  70. my partner is on x and o but gets check how does it work as we didnt get a double payment for the xmas

  71. My question is the same as Mario, When is the Rent Allowance/Supplement paid this Christmas 2016? Today is Thursday the 29th and I have not seen it in my account


  72. Hi Money Guide, I am terrified there seems to be some issue with the Monday 2nd Jan payment arrangement not being paid on the 30th.( I have seen posters from DSP in post offices stating that it will be paid on the 30th Dec for the bank holiday Monday 2nd Jan) I asked the social welfare also and they said it wont be paid out until next Tuesday! In the past I have always collected bank hol Monday payment the Friday before. I’ve even checked in the post office today sand and he said there was no indication of aa payment on my card for tomorrow (Friday 30th)…. Have you got any other queries regarding this? Thank you.

  73. I think my payday is a tuessay im on jsa, but i collect it on a monday will it therefore .net avaikable to collect tomorrow or will it be tuesday any info would .net much appreciated

  74. I’m on illness benefit and didn’t receive my payment today or at 12am into the bank but yet in another post you said that illness benefit was to be paid on 30th December, so yet again people on illness benefit are basically are getting the short end of the stick !!!

  75. So I normally get paid jobseekers allowance on a Tuesday and my last payment was on the 20th of 200 Euro which is that week and the following week.
    will my following payment be there for me on Tuesday the 3rd because that would be my next week of pay??

  76. You have stated above that the illness benefit payment due on 02/01/17 will be paid on 30/12/16. This I know from a recipient did NOT happen, and it is not the first time money has not been paid to IB customers as indicated by the Dept of SP. Is this the case for many out there? I am going to highlight this issue with said Dept, and if necessary, on social media as well. This is completely unfair as it seems to it is misleading and not an equitable part of the system

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