Welfare Christmas Payment Dates 2015

See Here for most recent information on Double Welfare Week Christmas 2016

Social Welfare Payment Arrangements for Christmas 2015
These dates have been confirmed by  Dept  of Social Protection  (3/12/15 )

Post Offices and Banks will close at lunch time on 24th December and will not reopen until Wednesday 30th December.
Post Offices and Banks will also be closed on 1st January 2016
Post Offices will be open on Saturday 2nd January until 1 p.m.

Signing dates may alter over the holiday period – but  local Social Welfare  offices should communicate any changes.

Double Payment Week :

People who are paid weekly and collect their payments  at Post Offices

People who are paid weekly and collect their payments  at Post Offices will receive their normal payment and an advance payment (for the following week) during the week beginning Monday 14th December 2015.
So any payments due between 21st and 25th  December will be made in the previous week along with your normal payment for that week.

There will be no “regular” weekly payments during the week beginning Monday 21st December 2015.

But…. Payments  due on Monday 28th  and Tuesday 29th Dec can be collected from  Wednesday 23rd Dec onwards. (They will be kept available for 3 days after your normal collection day)
Payments due on Wed 30  and Thurs 31st can be collected as normal on those days.
Payments due for Friday 1st Jan 2016 can be picked up from Thursday 31st Dec 2105.

Weekly Payments Direct to Bank Accounts.

Double Payment Week:  People who are paid weekly into a bank account will receive their normal payment and an advance payment (for the following week) during the week beginning Monday 14th December 2015.

Payments due on Monday 28 December  or Tue 29th 2015  will be credited to accounts on Thurs 24th December 2015.

Payments due into bank accounts on Wed 30th   and Thurs 31st December 2015   will be credited to accounts on the normal day.

Payments due into accounts on Friday 1 January 2016 will be credited to accounts on Thursday 31 December 2015.

Normal weekly payment dates will resume from Monday 4th  January 2016.

Monthly Payments Collected from An Post:

Social Welfare  Supplements paid Calendar Monthly, due for collection on or after 24th December 2015, may be collected as follows:

Due Date  Thurs 24 December : – Available from : Tues 22 December

Due Dates  Friday 25, Monday 28, Tuesday 29 December – Available from:   Wednesday 23 December

Monthly Payments Direct to Bank Accounts:

Social Welfare Supplements paid Calendar Monthly, will be credited to accounts as follows: (22nd and 23rd will be as normal)

Due Date:   Credited on:
Thursday 24 December Wednesday 23 December
Friday 25 December Thursday 24 December
Monday 28 December Thursday 24 December
Tuesday 29 December Thursday 24 December
Wednesday 30 December Wednesday 30 December


Maternity Benefits:

Payments due on Monday 21 December 2015 will be credited to accounts on Friday 18 December 2015.

Payments due on Monday 28 Dec 2015 will be credited to accounts on Thurs 24th December 2015.

213 thoughts on “Welfare Christmas Payment Dates 2015

  1. Hey, bit confused. If there are no regular payments in the week commencing 21st, and that weekly payment is paid in the previous week commencing 14th, and the post office is closed between December 24th untill the 30th, then when can we collect payments due on December 28th and 29th?

    • hi – as it says in the articel – ” Payments due on Monday 28th may be collected from Tuesday 22nd
      Payments due on Tuesday 29th may be collected from Wednesday 23rd”
      No “regular” payments means no normal payments – but there will still be some payments to cater for closed post offices.

      • hi I’m on vtos (etb )I was just wondering could you help me I get paid on a Tuesday and did not receive a double week last week wil I receive it tomorrow ? thanks

    • yes. they will. I am on disability money….weekly because of my 2 long term illnesses and my father has said to me, that I will be getting part of my christmas benefit

  2. I just signed back on the dole after been on a tus programe scheme. I didnt recieve the bonus but others did. I was just wondering if it will be there next week

    • Hi Ciara – Social WElfare do not class FIS as a qualifying benefit fro the Christmas Bonus

  3. Hi
    I am on job seekers allowance since June this year, am I entitled to the Christmas bonus


      • As I said – they use a 6 day week when calculating the total number of days…39 divided by 6 is 65 weeks . This is the same as 15 months . (52 weeks plus 13 weeks). Wait for Social Welfare to answer you if you don’t believe me.

  4. Hello,
    I am away from Kerry to a different county Donegal for the Christmas Holidays 20th of December to the 28th of December.
    Can I get my double payments on the week of 17th December and get the rest when I come back on the 28th if the An Post is opened please? It’s a long drive coming back again before the 28th for my payment.Will my money still be there on the week I come back please? Advise and thanks

    • Hi George – you should get a double payment in the week of 17th Dec. Your next payment will still be available for collection on the 30th

  5. That’s appalling that Illness benefit is not on the list. I’m on long term IB and was dependent on the xmas bonus like everyone else. IB is my only income. This is discrimination at its worst.

  6. Hi, In connection with people on 2/3 day week, filling X’s and O’s sheets, are they entitled to Xmas bonus? Thanks for help

    • If you are getting Jobseekers Allowance (Means Tested) and you have been getting it for 15 months then you should get a bonus. Check with Social Welfare to make sure.

      • I went on maternity leave mid February and im back to jobseekers allowance since start of september will i still be entitled to bonus.

    • MAybe you should query it with you local welfare office. Let us know how you get on.

      • hi, can you explain to me why i recieved Double Db this week, and not at xmas, that isnt really fare in a sense when xmas is almost a month away,
        regards Joe

    • All dates are subject to final confirmation – but based on previous years – when post offices are shut , welfare send payments early. So – payments due 28th are expected to be available to collect from the 22nd. Welfare have not yet confirmed these dates – but we are confident the dates we have given will be confirmed soon.

  7. Hi
    I am on jobseekers allowance since the 24th of October 2014. I didn’t get the Christmas bonus as I was told I have to be signing for 390 days. I worked it out that 365 days for a year and over a month since then is more than 390 however welfare states its only 344. My maths isn’t that bad. I contacted welfare yesterday and they said they would get back to me but didn’t. How can 390 days equal to 15 months? Its either one or the other. Or am I wrong?

    • Payment is based on a 6 day week, the daily rate is one sixth of the weekly rate.
      So 65 6 day weeks = 390 days.
      This is equivalent to 15 “normal” months ( 65 7 day weeks = 455 days which is 365 days plus 90 days = 1 year 3 months = 15 months)

  8. Hi,
    My payment was swapped in May from loan parents to job seekers with one qualifying child will my Christmas bonus now be stopped?

  9. I’ve recently been put on basic supplementary allowance because I was enrolled on an ETB course and 5 months in i broke my foot. I’ve been temporarily terminated from the course until I’m fit to go back. I was due to recieve the Christmas bonus this year but will it lose it now that I’ve been changed from an ETB payment to Basic Supplementary payment??

  10. Since being moved to Basic Supplementary allowance I’ve had to hand in medical certs from doctors weekly stating I am not fit for work to DSP. What happens for my payment before Christmas as I usually get payed on a Thursday. Will I recieve 2 payments on the 17th to see me through till 31st Dec? Will I need to supply 2 medicals certs the same week stating I won’t be fit for work for those 2 weeks?

  11. Hi There,
    I have just started a Jobridge Internship, will I get the Christmas Bonus?

    • I don’t think it does Francis im the out of work on the 26 week payment as far as I know just the normal amount, nothing extra any week it’s only because the dates Xmas etc falls on that the dates it drops into ur acc are all thats changed..

  12. Is the 15months only applying to jobseekers or is it to all social welfare payments listed ie One parent family? Any feed back greatly appreciated,

  13. I understand that my lone parents due on the 24th of December will be paid in advance on the 17th of December

    But will my Rent Allowance that I am due to receive on the 23rd of December be paid in advance on the 16th of December or should I expect it to be paid as usual on the 23rd? I am paid directly into my bank account. Thanks in advance

      • Sorry, I’m a bit confused as it says near the beginning that any payment due between December 21st and December 25th will be paid in advance on the week beginning Monday 14th, so would that not include the rent allowance on the 23rd then?

      • The double week applies only to weekly payments. If your rent allowance is paid weekly – yes you will get double in the week of the 14th Dec. If it is paid monthly (most are) – it will be available on 23rd as normal

  14. Hi I usually collect my one parent family payment on a Thursday,will I be able to pick mine up on December 31st ? Thanks…

  15. I get payed every 2 week on a Thursday im due to get payed on the 25th will i get my money a week before or will i get it next thursdaytwo weeks before

  16. Hey
    I was on one parent family for 14 years and went onto job seekers in September as my sons turned 14 then. I recently got a part time christmas job and am still getting some Job seekers for the days I do not work. Am I entitled to the christmas bonus this year? thanks for your time.

  17. I was signing on job seekers allowance for 13-14 months and i am now on VTOS since September (3 1/2 months). I received an email about my payslip today and i get paid tomorrow but the payslip did not have information about a Christmas bonus. Am i entitled to the Christmas bonus?

  18. Hi all. Can anyone say if im getting payment on 30th of December it will be still on the post 2nd of January (Saturday)? Many thanks for any answer

  19. I’m on illness benefit nearly 10 years and have my husband as a dependant as he has no income why cant I go on disability.im 62 yrs of age and will never be able to work again.

  20. Hi I’m no marinity benifit but was on tus 2 years ago n then went on 2 ce scheme for 1 year now I’m on marinity benifit do I get a xmas bonus ?

  21. My payment is due 29th December so its ready to be collected on the 23rd December however I will be in Dublin until the 28th instead of cork. Will my payment still be in the post office?

    • Hi Niamh. Signing was suspended last year – but it hasn’t been confirmed this year . We have amended the article to say that signing dates may alter over the holiday period – and local Social Welfare offices will communicate any changes.


  22. Hi went on fis only last month but my husband is on jobseekers allowance it was just thé qualifiéd adult that had to be stopped to go on fis so even if hes getting a welfare payment how come he doesnt get the xmas bonas thanks

    • Hi Caroline – has he been on Jobseekers Allowance for 15 months? If not – he won’t get the bonus.

      • Hi just wondering I receive maternity allowance every Monday but is always in earlie on a Saturday next weeks pay I don’t get until the 26th just wondering if I will get tat with this week’s pay

  23. Hi I collect a disability payment if a Wednesday, can anybody tell me if my payments will be as normal over the month of December? Or do I collect a double payment for 2 weeks on the 16th? Thanks

    • Hi.you collect a double week next week and then you will get nothing the following week and your payment will be normally paid news years week

  24. Hi will I get double payment on 17 Dec if I am on Illness Benefit but my medical cert is due 22 Dec and I am not fit to work and probably will be not fit to work for longer. Thanks

  25. I’m on a tus scheme and I’m due my payment on the 31st december was wondering will I get the payment that week?

  26. Hi, i’m on jobseekers allowance and i was wondering, could i collect my double week this friday the 11th. Or do i have to wait til the 14th to collect it? The only reason why i am asking this, is because when it comes to the bank holiday weekends i can collect my allowance that monday and tat friday. Obviously i know that those payments have to do me for the following week then so would it be the same as that.

  27. we are due our state pension on xsmas eve by bank wen will we receiveit 24/12/15

    • People who are paid weekly into a bank account will receive their normal payment and an advance payment (for the following week) during the week beginning Monday 14th December 2015.

  28. I know this seems really tight but does anyone know if child benefit payment is paid early over the Christmas season??

    • It is paid on teh first Tues of teh month – so it will be paid 5th Jan as normal

  29. Hi
    I’m getting maternity leave pay and I get paid every Monday into my bank account but its normally in early of a Saturday morning do I still get another payment with it because it does be in early..

  30. I get one parent family every Thurs are post offices open on Thurs 24th Dec or is there a double wk before

  31. when is rent allowance paid in December? I receive a cheque always last Wednesday of the month by post .

  32. I was wondering do I get double rent allowance the week coming because I usually collect on a Friday and the following Friday is Christmas ?

  33. Just reading some of the queries here. If some people would take the time to read the article correctly, their questions would be answered. Must be very irritating for Money Guide

  34. Hi, I collect a medical cert weekly for illness benefit..I’m just enquiring whether I must hand in 2 certs next week to cover me for the next 2 weeks to receive double payment? Or would I receive double anyway and continue certs as normal?thanks

  35. Hi just wondering if you know when cheques are sent out for rent allowance in December. This is my first month to get rent supplement. I’m due it from the 10th of November and was awarded it on the second of December and rang office they said it will be sent out in December. Any help much appreciated

  36. Hi i am on a ce scheme do we get paid like everyone else as in a double week monday the 14th

  37. mrs sholola
    So im job seeker payment what date will my double money be in the post office to collect

  38. I’ve been on widows parents since March before that carers allowance and income support will I get the Christmas bonus and when ? And my mum is a pensioner and her Christmas bonus was only £10 how’s that

  39. i recieved a double payment today,the 14/12/15
    so will there be a payment there for me on the 21rst???
    i ususally collect on a monday

    • The next payment will be due on the 28th for you – but as post offices are closed that day you will be able to pick it up on the 23rd Dec. Then your next payment will be JAn 4th

  40. Do people on the x and o payment and receive it weekly by cheque not get a double week

  41. Good afternoon. I received a double payment today, at 15th December.
    Will be there a payment for me at the 22th or 29th December?
    And one more question: Tuesday 5th January will be a normal pay day?
    I usually collect on a Tuesday. Thank you for your answer.

    • Richard – it is all explained fully in the article for all scenarios and payment methods. Have a read of it again.

    • Hi, I am a casual worker, my cheque gets sent to my house – arrives Tuesday mornings each week. I have received nothing at all today – Are those cheque payments happening late or am i supposed to go in to collect? Thanks. Im pretty much ‘rogered’ if its not happening!

  42. Hello . I receive part Tim social welfare by cheque. Would I receive my double week next week for over Christmas, it comes via cheque . Please and well done

    • No definite news on cheque payments – so maybe they carry on as normal. Maybe check with your local social welfare office ?

  43. Hi, I am due to collect my payment on 23rd but will be away until the 31st. Will it still be in the post office as they didn’t seem to know. Thanks

    • There are no “normal” payments next week so I assume the 23rd Dec payment is the one you would normally get on the 29th (Tue) ? If that is the case – than that payment will still be there 3 days after your normal pay day. So it will be there until 31st dec

  44. Hi im on disability allowance i collect in post office Wednesday 16th Tomorrow will I recive a double payment even tho next payment is due 23rd, reason for asking is i really hop to get a double week to buy Christmas presents,

    • Hi Phil – as it says in the article , all weekly payments made at the Post Office will be double this week. This is to cover 2 weeks. You will not gat a payment on teh 23rd because you will get that payment tomorrow. This is not extra money.

      • If it is casual worker jobseekers – what has usuall happened in previous years i sthat the double cheque arrives the week after all the other double payments . So – you should get a double payment in the cheque sent out in the week commencing 21st Dec. You should not take this info as 100% accurate – it is an informed guess based on previous years. Check with your local welfare office .

      • Hi my partner is on casual working dockets and usually gets a cheque weekly but the last two weeks he hasn’t been paid and he was due too get a double week yesterday 22/12/15 . It still hasn’t arrived today and its 2 days before Christmas, do you know what we can do to get what he’s owed we literally have nothing too our name not even a euro and we have two small kids. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  45. Hi I read the article so I am woundering. I received my 2 weeks payment 15th December. So when will I receive my next payment? I am on a disability allowance payment.



  46. Hi i am on the back to education allowance and was paid a double week today does this mean i wont be paid until December 31st

      • I am on disability allowance got my double this week was told by post office in athythat I will be able to collect a single payment 23 december is this correct as others are getting this also

      • Graham – if you are normally paid on a Monday or Tuesday – then the Post Offices wil be closed on Mon 28 & Tue 29th. So – to avoid people having to wait till the Wednesday they are allowing collection on the 23rd . (If you do this there will be no other payment in the week of 28th.)
        This is all explained above.

      • Hi, just wondering got paid on the 23rd december which was my last payment. Usually get paid on aa tuesday. Will i have anything this week or will be on the 5th jan. Tachel

    • We get paid on a Tuesday so from what I can see we get our payment due on 27th December tomorrow 24th?

  47. Well I have checked my bank statement waiting for my jobseekers (lone parent) got no payment. Usually get paid on Thursday. Will I still have time

  48. Hi, I should be getting paid Friday 1st. I can collect on 31st. But just wondering do I still have until Monday as normal to collect ?!

  49. Hi but confused, I received my double payment for one parent family, It’s payed by direct debit into my account. Does the money go into my account on the 23rd or 24th, or Does it go in the following week?

    • No payement next week (you got it this week) . Your next payment should be 30th or 31st Dec

  50. Just wondering whether disability allowance payment will be in my bank account 23rd December and not on the 30th.Thx

  51. I am due a payment on Monday 4th January 2016, jobseekers allowance, will I be able to collect early on Saturday 2nd?


    • You could try – but it isn’t likely because banks and Post Offices will be closed on the Friday .

      • I am due a payment on the 4th January 2016 can I collect it Thursday the 31st December 2015

  52. What about Rent allow? I usually get it monthly directly to my bank account (last Thursday every month).Thanks indeed

  53. I got double money this week in on jobseekers for the last 7 years I came off jobseekers last Christmas as I got a bit of work. I’m wondering am I entitled to €188 + €141 next week I collect my money on a weekly basis from post office.

    • Hey, I collect my money every wednesday, disability allowance, I got a double week on wednesday gone and was told by the woman in the post office to come back down the next wednesday(23rd) and there would be a payment there?

    • Hello,i should have recieved illness benefit last week and never recieved it.i am due another payment this week. Do i get double payment this week?

  54. Hi, Can You help me? I got double cash 16th Dec my time collect . When Can I go to post office next time? I have Jobseekers Allowance. Thank You

  55. Hi I got 2 weeks payment on Monday and there saying I will receive another weeks payment on Wednesday 23rd do u think that will be in the post office on the Monday 21st or will it definitely be on the Wednesday

    • It is due on the 23rd (this is an early payment of the one due on the 28th because post offices are closed on 28th). Social welfare say it will be there on 23rd – that’s all we know.

  56. Hi just wondering I get rent allowance the last Thursday of every month will I get this week due to Christmas period and sorry I get it by cheque by post thanks Ken Merry Christmas

  57. Dear Sir/Madam
    Could you advise me are people on Disability Allowance gettin paid tomo plz thank you

    • Disability allowance payments are on Wednesdays so they’re to be picked up next week instead of this week if the information is right. No harm in trying though, I’m on the disability and I’m gonna chance my arm tomorrow.

    • No disability payment tomorrow you will have received tomorrow’s last week on 16th next payment will be Wed 30th

  58. I receive rent allowance on the last Thursday of most months. Are there any changes this month with the last Thursday being new years eve?

    • Banks and Post Offices are open as normal on New Years Eve – so all payments due on 31st should be paid as normal.

  59. hi i got a double payment on dec14 will i get a other payment on thurs 24 dec for the new year thanks

  60. i am on one parent family it says i will be credited to my bank today but there is nothing there… do i have to wait and will i get the bonus as well….

    • cearuilin – your double payment for one parent family would have been around the 14th of December. So if like me you get yours every Thursday, then you will get yours tomorrow.

  61. Hi,

    I received a double payment for illness benefit last week by cheque, will I receive a cheque next week on Tuesday as normal as I did not receive one this week due to the double payment the week before.

    • Kevin – you will be due another payment on the 29th. It might come 24th if the post is ok

  62. If I get rent allowance the last Monday of every month when will I get it over christmas

  63. Hey money guide..I’m confused. ..I’m on back to education and I’m due a payment to my bank account Tuesday the 29th. .does that mean it will be accreditted to my account tomorrow 24th…The reason I’m confused is because it says nothing about what happens with my back to education allowance

    • BTEA is treated the same as all other Benefits paid into banks . If you are due a payment on the 29th it is supposed to be paid on the 24th.

  64. I am on disability allowance . I get paid in my bank account .there should be a payment today on the 24th December .but I did not get this yet .will I get this payment today .cormac

  65. hey money guide, i get paid every monday on job seekers allowence just a bit confused i get 188. jus wondering when the next date is for collection, thanks

    • Your payment for Mon 28th was available for collection on the 24th – but it will still be there to collect on the 30th when the post offices open again.

  66. Hi, I didn’t collect my job seeker allowance on 23rd, will I be paid on 30th December or not?

    • If you collect weekly – then the payment due for 28th/29th was available on 23rd Dec. If you didn’t collect – it will still be available on the 30th.

      • So I can go 2my bank and get it 2day I did not collect it on 23rd or24th of this month I was June a pay meant on Monday the 28th can I get it now thank you

  67. Hi money guide, I collected my money on the 23rd which was suppose to be for Monday 28th. When do I collect my next money?

  68. Hi money guide..I was wondering with there being so many bank holidays if u get ur child benefit into ur bank will it be in the over the new years weekend or will it b tues ???

    Thanks Sarah

  69. Just wondering I have been moved over and back between back to education and casual and back to back to education since September 2014. I didn’t get the Christmas bonus. Should I question this do you think?

  70. Hi, My final double FIS payment was on 17/12/15. But I didn’t get any payment today, where it should be.Why? Thanks for any answer.

  71. i am on fis the payment that was due thurs 31st has not gone through when do we get it?

    • We can only give you the payment dates that Social Welfare or Social Protection stated. If specific payments have not been made you need to follow it up with them.

  72. why is nobody getting a reply about fis payments that were due to us on thurs 31st and know body has recived it yet .

  73. hi again i got fis double payment on 17/12/15 but did’nt get payment on 31/12/15 why? are they giving double pay on thurs 7/1/16 or is their a delay with the payments? we only started getting fis from mid yr 2015 so final payment is not due til june or july 2016.

    • Nuala – It may be possible that your 31st Dec payment was delayed – and because of the bank holiday an the weekend it won’t show in your account till Monday 4th. If it isn’t there by then you should contact FIS direct.

      • can someone please help me my rent Allowence is paid in on a weekly basis received my last double payment on the 14th December but have not received another payment since and my rent is due this week have tried to call rent supplement but it keeps ringing out! Is there any delays? any help would be great thanks

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