Welfare and Pension Payments over October Bank Holiday

Monday October 30th 2023 is a Bank Holiday in Ireland

The Dept. of Social Welfare will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 30th October 2023

All Post Offices and banks will also be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 30th October 2023.

Payment Arrangements

Post Office Collection

Welfare and Pension Payments due for collection on Monday, 30th October 2023 can be collected from Friday 27th October 2023.

Payments Made directly to bank accounts.

Any social welfare payments due in accounts on Monday 30th October will be paid instead on Friday 27th October 2023.

Children’s Allowance will be paid as normal on Tue 7th November 2023

Full List of Bank Holidays in Ireland

Christmas Bonus 2023

23 thoughts on “Welfare and Pension Payments over October Bank Holiday

  1. I’m due to be paid Monday but didn’t get any payment anyone else have this I’m with aib

  2. I’m due for payment on monday mine didnt get paid in either I’m with permanent tsb

  3. I usually get my illness benefit paid on a Saturday (my actual pay day is a Sunday) but havent received anything yet. Im with AIB. Anyone else having problems?

    • Yeah I’m the same my payment is usually due on Monday but always get it Saturday. Didn’t get anything yet. Must be some delays with the banks.

    • Having same problem I’m with BOI I’m wondering is it because of bank holiday and will it be paid tommorrow? Usually in on a Saturday

  4. I am bank of ireland and usually get my illness on a sat morning, still nothing! Hopefully it will be there tomorrow 🙏 Twitter has a BOI page and you can message them directly for help! They did mention about a European outage on Friday so maybe that’s has something to do with it!

  5. didn’t get my covid payment yet anyone think it will go in on Tuesday even tho majority were paid out Friday?

  6. I’m with AIB. In my statement I received the €300 payment but It is not in my account. Anyone else?

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