Water Charges on Holiday Homes or Vacant Properties

Updated with all the November 19th Changes

See : Summary of All Changes Announced to Water Charging

The first water bills are due now due to be sent out in April / May  2015.
We have details here of the  unmetered water bills people can now expect to receive.

Houses that are not permanently occupied will still be treated differently  for water charges. This han’t changed under the revised charging rules.
Homes that are vacant for some or all of the year – such as holiday homes – will have a minimum annual water charge. This will also apply to rented property between tenancies.
The minimum charge has been confirmed as  €125  a year for water and waste water (€62.50 each)

Of course – if the property has it’s own well and it’s own waste water treatment – then there will be no charge at all.

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So – for an unmetered second home or a vacant home  where the owner registers it as unnoccupied   – €125 will be the total bill for a year  (Or 62.50 if it has mains water and it’s own waste treatment system.)

If the home has a water meter installed – the charge may be higher if there is usage of water over and above the €125 level .  The bill will be based on actual usage as per the latest metered water charges –   but a maximum bill of €260 will apply , as with all residential properties , until 2019.

Where a property is rented to a tenant – it will normally be the tenant that is liable for water charges. This minimum charge does not apply to houses that are the main residence of a person – tenant or owner.

It will apply to second homes and homes that are not permanently occupied – even if is the only home owned by a person. So – if a home is empty and the owner lives abroad – they will be charged the minimum charge.
There is no mention of any waiver etc for a home that is connected to the water supply but is uninhabitable.  To  avoid a water charge you will need to get disconnected from the water supply.

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  1. Wow… robbing country again, if we are using less because it is a holiday home, why the extortionate prices… please go down like the titanic ireland, do us all a favour.

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