Water Charges – All You Need to Know

Hopefully most people now realise that as from next Wednesday Oct 1st – they will be charged for water. Bills won’t be sent until January or February  2015- but charges will be backdated to October 1st 2014. If you have a meter it might be a good idea to make a note of the reading on the morning of Oct 1st so you can check against the first bill.

Most people should have had their Irish Water “application packs” by now  – but what everyone wants to know is the answer to questions like :

How much will the  water charges be if I don’t have a meter ?
What can I expect my bills to be if I have a water meter?
Are there any waivers or exemptions ?
Do I have to pay water charges for an empty property?
Can Irish Water ask for our PPSN?
Will I be charged for undrinkable Water?
Howand when  will the Water Meter readings be done?
How much will it cost to have a shower?

You can find the answers to all these  water related questions right here.

Water Charges

The figures used are the proposed figures – but we don’t expect them to change much (if at all). Final confirmation due in the next few days and we will update all posts to reflect the final rates when announced.

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    • Thanks Ray – You might be busy over the next few months as people realise they might have leaks. After the “first fix free” time period runs out you will probably be busier.

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