VHI Health Insurance Price Increases

Vhi have announced that as from today 1st March 2010 – all new and renewing company plans will be increased by an average of 7%.  Also – from today  Vhi are increasing  the out-patient excess on Company Plan Starter and Company Plan Plus Select from €1 to €25 per person.

Some good news – they will reduce the in-patient excess from €125 to €75 per hospital claim on Company Plan Extra Excess from this date.

These changes will apply for all new and renewing customers from 1st March 2010.

VHI customers could always look for cheaper health insurance at Quinn or Aviva

Consumers need to be aware that anyone can apply for any of the company/ corporate  insurance  plans from any of the health insurers. They cannot refuse anyone access to any of their plans. They might try and tell you that you can’t do it – but they are wrong if they do. You could save money (possibly hundreds for a family) by moving from a personal insurance plan to a company one.  It is not something they will be telling everyone  – but ask and see what happens. If you don’t get satisfaction – contact  The Health Insurance Authority  01 406 0080  or  info@hia.ie