Unfiled Property Tax Returns will mean 10% more Income Tax for Self Employed

Last week Revenue reminded people who have failed to file a Property Tax return that they could end up with a surcharge of 10% on their Income Tax. (You will still be liable to pay the Property Tas as well)

The Revenue stated that anyone who files their  Income Tax, Corporation Tax or Capital Gains Tax Return –   but at the date of filing have :

a) failed to submit a  Local Property Tax (LPT) Return or,
b) failed to pay the LPT due or,
c) not entered into an agreed arrangement to pay the LPT due,

….. that a surcharge of 10% of the Income Tax /CT/CGT liability will be applied to their notice of assessment automatically.

Anyone who still has household charge arrears of €200 will also be subject to the 10% surcharge when the IT/CT/CGT Return is filed.

Queries about  household charge arrears should be made to the Local Government Management Agency at 1890 357 357.