TRS Increase to 30% – Ulster Bank Customers Still Waiting

In the 2012 Budget  – back in December 2011 it was  announced that mortgage interest relief would be increased to 30% for  those who bought their homes between 2004 and 2008.  It seem that Ulster Bank still haven’t implemented this change fully yet.

Ulster Bank say they  are liaising closely with Revenue to implement these changes for our eligible mortgage customers by the end of 2012. “A rate of 25% has been applied to these accounts in the interim period. We will ensure that our customers’ Mortgage Interest Relief is brought fully up to date as the change is implemented.”

Revenue have advised that  lenders have until the end of 2012 to pass on the savings

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All the other lenders appear  to have implemented the changes .

3 thoughts on “TRS Increase to 30% – Ulster Bank Customers Still Waiting

  1. Moving the little mouse and trying to click in between the 25 and the % sign is tough enough, but hitting backspace twice and then finding the 3 key followed by the 0 key sounds even more complex. Who knows, there’s probably a further fiendish step required to save and commit the change.

  2. First time buyer purchased house 2005. Qualify for 30% trs increase. With Ulster bank. Because of the delay, how will the tax increase be back dated to customers ?

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