Three Price Increases – You can Cancel and Keep your Phone

Three Ireland  recently announced that they will be increasing the monthly charge for many of their billpay customers from April  4th 2017. They have to give customers 30 days notice of a price increase – so if you are a Three mobile customer and your monthly charge is going up you should have been informed by March 3rd 2017.

Most people will see their monthly charge go up by around €5 a month. This increase is much more than the rate of inflation – and it means that customers who don’t want to pay the increased charge can opt to end their contract with Three without penalty.

There have been several reports of Three customers asking to end their contract and being allowed to keep their phones – sometimes these phones are only a couple of months old.
Many customers on billpay contracts can get cheaper deals by going for SIM only billpay deals or even moving to pay as you go with Three or other providers.

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