Television Licence Refund Scam

Unlike the UK – you cannot get a refund on a TV licence in Ireland.
Even if  you leave the country – and you have paid your TV licence to the end of the year you cannot get a refund.
In the UK – they will even give refunds to cover a few months when a student goes back home for the summer.

There have been scam emails doing the rounds in Ireland  recently – that look like they have been sent by An Post’s TV licence team.
The e-mail claims  that due to a calculation error the customer is entitled to a €58 refund, and requests that they provide credit card details via a website to claim the refund.

The email  has the subject line “Information TV License #12488340238 ” and claims to come from
An Post have advised customers not to click on the link, and to delete the e-mail.

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