How Much are Taxi Fares in Ireland?

Metered Taxi fares in Dublin and the rest of Ireland must not be charged at more than the national maximum taxi fare .

The National Transport Authority (“NTA”) sets the maximum metered taxi fare .
Only metered taxi journey fares are controlled . Hackney and limousine journeys are not controlled – they are pre-booked and, therefore, both passenger and driver are aware of the journey details and the fare agreed for the journey in advance.

There are about 15,500 registered taxis in the whole of Ireland.

The Initial taxi charge is fixed and covers any distance up to 500 metres or time period up to 85 seconds. After that, the fare is calculated based on the distance travelled or, if the speed drops below 21.2 km/h, the journey time. See the table below for details.

You can ask for a discount before engaging a taxi. Taxi drivers have the right to charge the maximum amount calculated on the meter, but they can charge less if they want.

Maximum Metered Taxi Fares in Ireland

Time PeriodsInitial Charge for first 500m or 85 seconds)Charge for the next 14.5km (or 41 mins)Charge after 15km
Between 08:00h and 20:00h Monday to Saturday, except public holidays€3.80€1.14 per km or €0.40 per minute up to €20.40€1.50 per km or €0.53 per minute
Between 20:00h and 08:00h Monday to Saturday, and all day on Sundays and public holidays€4.20€1.45 per km or €0.51 per minute up to total €25.40€1.80 per km or €0.64 per minute
Christmas Eve from 20:00h to St.Stephen’s Day 08:00h and between New Year’s Eve 20:00h and New Year’s Day 08:00h€4.20€1.80 per km or €0.64 per minute€1.80 per km or €0.64 per minute

These fares were supposed to increase by about 4.5% early in 2021 – but this was not agreed upon and may now be increased by around 12% in2022.

Example: Maximum Charge for a 10.5km taxi journey for 1 person (assuming no stopping and fast traffic).

  • Mon to Sat  between 8am and 8pm : €15.20 (could be €23 in heavy traffic)
  • Mon to Sat 8pm to 8am and on Sundays/Public Hols :€18.70 (could be €25 in heavy traffic)
  • From 8pm Christmas Eve to 8am St. Stephens Day : €22.20 (could be €30 in heavy traffic)

Bank Holiday Taxi Fares in Ireland

There is a perception that Irish taxi fares on Christmas Day or New Years Day can be very expensive – at least double the normal fare – but that is not really true.

The maximum fare on Christmas Day or New Years Eve is 46% more than a standard fare  (Almost “time and a half” .)
But it is only 19% more than a normal Saturday night fare.

No wonder it is so hard to get a taxi on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Would you work on Christmas Day for just time and a half or 19% more than a normal Saturday night ?

Allowable Extra Taxi Charges

A Booking fee of €2 may be charged for  a booking made by telephone, email, smartphone app, fax, text or letter, or a booking made through a  personal visit to a dispatch operator’s office.

Charges for Extra passengers : – taxi drivers may charge a fee €1 for each adult passenger after the first. In relation to additional child passengers, one child under 12 years of age is carried at no extra charge; the fee for two or three children under 12 is €1; for four or five children €2; and for six or seven children €3;

No  extra charge should be made  for carrying luggage or an assistance dog.

If you want to complain about being overcharged by a taxi driver – you can do so at the Transport for Ireland website

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