Tax Deferral for People affected by Flooding

Tax Deferral for some affected by Flooding

Revenue have announced the following news  to help ease the burden on people and businesses impacted by flooding:

a) Property owners whose principal private residence has been flooded and who are in receipt of assistance through the Department of Social Protection Humanitarian Relief Fund can apply to have their 2016 Local Property Tax payment deferred.  Property owners should contact the LPT Helpline  to make the relevant arrangements.  01 7383626
Note : Deferral means that payment of the tax is just delayed – and interest is charged at a rate of 4% a year)
More on 2016 Property Tax Payments here

b) Business owners who have suffered flood damage to their premises and who are in receipt of assistance from the Government Support for Small Business Fund, via the Red Cross, should contact the Collector-General’s office on    01 7383663  to agree additional time to file income tax or VAT returns and make payments or to agree suitable phased payment arrangements.