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Inheritance Tax in Ireland

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is sometimes also known as Inheritance Tax in Ireland. Capital Acquisitions Tax is a tax charged on money or property that is gifted to, or inherited by, someone.Some people also refer to it as ...
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Buying a Car in Northern Ireland – Tips on the Best Way to Pay

There used to be large savings to be made by buying a car in Northern Ireland or Great Britain and importing it to Ireland. Since Brexit, at the start of 2021 , the rules on importing from Great ...
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Monese Sterling Account for Irish Residents

Monese Sterling Account for Irish Residents.

There are many thousands of people in Ireland who have regular financial transactions with UK banks or companies. Having a UK bank account when living in Ireland can make things easier - such as paying UK direct debits ...
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Free UK Calls from Ireland

This article looks at some of the cheaper options for calling UK landlines and mobiles from landlines in Ireland. We looked at which landline providers offer the cheapest rates or even FREE UK Calls From Ireland. We also ...
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