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Student Grant Applications in Ireland

Applications for Student Grants for Autumn 2021 This September, many young Irish people will hopefully be accepting places at Universities and Colleges. A large number of those students will be relying on student grants to help with living ...
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Amazon Prime Student in Ireland : Six Months Free Trial

This past year there have been many changes to student life because of Covid-19 restrictions. One very useful perk that is still available to students in Ireland, and the UK, is a six month free trial of Amazon ...
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Best Broadband Deals for Students

Having broadband available in a student house is pretty much an essential requirement - for all that online gaming ... studying that will be going on.Most college provided or purpose-built student accommodation will usually have broadband included as ...
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Student Bank Accounts in Ireland

Most banks in Ireland have special Student Bank Accounts  - and they sometimes offer cash back or other incentives to entice new students to open an account with them. The Banks are hoping that once they get a ...
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