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Debit and Credit Card Charges on Non-Euro Purchases

When you use an Irish debit card or credit card for purchases in non Euro currencies - (including online) ... you will nearly always be charged currency conversion fees by your bank. These charges will be on top ...
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Prepaid Debit and Credit Cards in Ireland

Prepaid Debit and Credit cards can be used for spending at online shops and high street stores - in the same way as normal Debit and Credit Cards. A prepaid card is a payment card that can be ...
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Banking With Revolut in Ireland

NEW : REVOLUT has officially begun operating as a bank in the Republic of Ireland with the launch of protected deposit accounts and loans for Irish customers. Since March 24th 2022 , Revolut is now operating as a ...
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Amazon Currency Converter – Good or Bad?

Thousands of people in Ireland shop online at Amazon UK every day. All the products on Amazon UK are priced in Sterling but Amazon will use their currency converter to convert the order total to Euros if they ...
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ATM Charges Overseas

ATM Cash Withdrawal Charges Overseas If you are travelling from Ireland to the UK, USA , Australia - or any other country that doesn't use the Euro - you can use your Irish bank's debit card to withdraw ...
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Online Shoppers Could be Charged €100 Million in Fees By Irish Banks in 2022

Online shopping continues to grow at a fast rate in Ireland and Irish consumers have done even more of their shopping online since the coronavirus pandemic. Irish banks are charging their customers millions of euros in foreign currency ...
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