Thousands of Property Tax Bank Payments Failed

If you opted to pay your Property Tax for 2014 by Single Debit from your bank account – that deduction should have been made on 21st March. Over  300,000 people opted to pay the LPT by this method  for 2014.

Revenue have announced that ” in respect of certain customers it was not possible to debit the customer’s bank account due to technical issues identified by banks. In many instances these technical issues related to incorrect account numbers.”

We understand there is a mixture of problems – such as incorrrect account details entered by customers, savings accounts entered , insufficient funds as well as some SEPA related issues.

Revenue say they have sent letters to all the people where a scheduled  debit failed to go through  – and they are asking those  people affected  to make alternative arrangements to pay the property tax.

Revenue say that customers can go to and login with their  Property ID or PPSN and PIN  to amend the bank account to be debited.  It is not clear when they will attempt to deduct the payment again.
Alternatively – customers can pay online by debit or credit card. Another option is to  make a payment quoting their Property ID or PPSN through An Post, Payzone or Omnivend outlets who will accept cash payments.

Be aware that you will incur charges when paying by most of these methods.  Revenue will charge  1.49% of the amount paid when you pay with a credit card.  (ie. A payment of €202 would incur transaction  fees of  €3.01)
See details of charges for  paying at Post Offices or other 3rd parties.