Social Welfare Payments St Patrick’s Day 2022

Thursday 17th March 2022 and Friday 18th March 2022 are Bank Holidays and all Social Welfare offices will be closed.
Post Offices and Banks will also be closed on 17th March 2022 and 18th March 2022.

There will be some changes to Social Welfare Payments around St Patrick’s Day 2022

Weekly Pension and Welfare Payment Arrangements forĀ  St Patrick’s Day 2022

Payment Due DateRevised Payment Date
Monday 14 MarchFriday 11 March
Tuesday 15 MarchMonday 14 March
Wednesday 16 MarchTuesday 15 March
Thursday 17 MarchTuesday 15 March
Friday 18 MarchWednesday 16 March

Casual / Part Time  Jobseekers,

Payments due to be paid on 17th March should be paid on Tuesday 22nd March.

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Childrens’ Allowance Payments 2022

10 thoughts on “Social Welfare Payments St Patrick’s Day 2022

  1. The normal procedure with the Dept of Social Protection is to pay it early. (apart from casual jobseekers) . Not sure why it didn’t happen for some people this year.

    • Payments due into your account from other Banks on Tuesday 17 March 2020 may not be credited to your account until Wednesday 18 March 2020.
      Some banks might get payments today.

  2. I’m with PTSb getting illness benefit. And nothing yet. Usually v prompt every Tuesday.

  3. Unfortunately nothing today either. I’m sending a ‘strongly worded letter’ to the office, asking for last week’s payment to be included with the forthcoming one. Seeing as how the phone is effectively dead, and the office I presume is in some kind of meltdown, I’m not sure this letter will make any difference. Thats for the advice. D

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