Social Welfare Payment Arrangements for Christmas 2017

Social Welfare Payment Arrangements for Christmas 2017

The Department of Social Protection’s offices will be closed on Monday 25th December, Tuesday 26th December  2017 and Monday 1st  January 2018

Banks will close  on Friday 22nd December 2017 and will not reopen until  Thursday 28th December.
Post Offices will close at 1pm on Dec 23rd and will not reopen until Thursday 28th December.
Post Offices and Banks will also be closed on 1st  January 2017
There will be no mail delivery or collection on December 25th ,26th or 27th 2017

  • Payment Arrangements for December 2017

  • 1. Payments  for People who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices. Week commencing 18th Dec…

    • All people who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices or are paid by cheque – will receive their normal payment plus an advance/double  payment for the following week.
    • This double payment will be made in the week beginning Monday 18th December 2017 along with your usual payment for that week on your usual payment day.
    • There will be no “regular” weekly payments during the week beginning Monday 25th December 2017 . Any payments due for Monday 1st January 2018 may be collected from Friday 29th December 2017.

  • 2. Social Welfare Allowance Supplements Paid Monthly for Collection at Post Office

    • Payment due 25th Dec  will be available 22nd Dec
    • Payments due 26th Dec will be available 22nd Dec
    • Payments due 27th Dec will be available 22nd Dec
    • No changes to any other payment dates
  • Payments of SWA Supplements paid Calendar Monthly for Friday 22nd and Thursday 28th December should be collected from the post office before close of business on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.Payments of SWA Supplements paid Calendar Monthly for Friday 29th December should be collected from the post office before close of business on Tuesday 9th January 2018.

  • 3 . Payments for People who get Weekly Payments Direct to Bank Accounts.
  • Most people ( see below for exceptions) who get paid weekly direct to bank accounts will  receive their normal payment and an advance payment during the week beginning Monday 18th December, 2017. (A double payment )
  • No payments will be made in the week beginning Monday 25th December 2017.  The next payment will be in the week beginning Jan 1st 2018.
    The following exceptions apply...
  • Maternity Benefit , Paternity Benefit and Health & Safety Benefit
    • Payments due Monday 25th December 2017 will be paid on the Friday 22nd December 2017.
    •  Payments due on Monday 1st January 2018 will be paid on Fri 29th Dec 2017
    • for Jobseekers Allowance, Jobseekers Benefit, Illness Benefit, Maternity, Health and Safety Benefit and Basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance will be paid on Friday  29th December 2017.
    •  Normal weekly payment dates will resume from Monday  8th Jan  2018.
  •  Casual Jobseekers :  People who work part time and claim Jobseekers Benefit or Jobseekers Allowance :
    •  Payments due on Tuesday 19 December 2017 will be paid on Mon 18th December .
    • Payments due on Tuesday 26 December 2017 and Tuesday 2nd January 2018 will both be credited to accounts on Friday 22nd December 2017

4. People who get Monthly Payments into Banks :
Monthly payments will be  issued as normal  …. with the exception of Social Welfare Supplements .
Any Supplement payments which are due to be paid on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th  2017  and Wednesday 27th December –  will all be paid instead on Friday 22nd December 2017.

5. Foreign payments into banks that are due during the week beginning 18th December 2017 will be paid instead during the week beginning 11th December 2017.

6. Child Benefit will be paid Tue Jan 2nd – as normal.

(Note: All These dates have been confirmed by the Dept of  Employment Affairs and Social Protection)

If you are looking for information about the 2017 Christmas Bonus for Pensioners and Welfare recipients  see here :  2017 Christmas Bonus

141 thoughts on “Social Welfare Payment Arrangements for Christmas 2017

  1. Wen do we revive our bonous and single dole is it in November or wen I’m on disability allowance and wondering about our double dole cuz I get paid in bank ??

    • yea you get ur bonus on 29th nov and ur duble wk on the 20th dec and ur next payment is the 3rd of janurary

      • Glad to see someone is reading the article. I don’t understand how so many people don’t bother !

    • my husband is on sickness benefit for over a year now before that he was on jobseekers we missed out on the bonus last year and again this year we didnt get it was wondering if there is anyone out there tell me why we are not entitled to it like all the rest of the social welfare reciepents thank you

      • I was similar I was on jobseeker but got diagnosed with breast cancer so was changed to spwa I am worse of this year and I was told u not entitled to bonus I’m loan parent I couldn’t believe it but I went to bishop square and met with the community welfare officer (lovely man) and he sorted for me u need to go to your welfare officer and do same I’m sure they can help good luck

      • If he was on jobseekers and sickness benefit for over 15 months combined he is entitled to the bonus, I had the same problem, Need to contact the social welfare officer to sort it 😉

      • I was the same. As with the fuel allowance last year had the same problem. I was out sick for a bad leg (could barely walk for five months and got that treated, but due to being self employed was put on Community Welfare Payment) then went back on Jobseekers for about two months then got diagnosed with a rare cancer in the abdomen (it’s the massive tumour that was causing the blood flow problems that banjaxed the leg). So had to go back on the sick as I was going to be out for at least a year with the cancer. Cancer clear and gone and then went on Back to Education, this was last year, but was told when seeking the fuel allowance that both payments could not be combined. I was on the community welfare payment 14 and a half months while out with cancer, I missed it by three weeks. Crazy. I am still studying and still cancer free

    • Bernie,, we are on jobseekers benifit working part time what is out payment plan for over the xmas and first payment after xmas thanks

  2. I’m on casual job seekers and hand in a weekly time sheet every week and am paid on the following Tuesday. Should I hand in 2 weeks of time sheets together on the week commencing December 18th to be paid the (double week) on December 22nd?

    • You have to send in 3 signers on week beginning the 12 Dec to get your payments for over Xmas .. you will get a payment on the 19th Dec and two on the 22 nd Dec but that will b you paid up until 9 th Jan 😊

  3. If the week starting from 18th is double payment week for that week and 25th, is possible to collect it say when the post office re opens on the 28th, the double pay instead of the 18th.

      • I will turn 66 on Christmas Day. I have an adult dependant and 2 child dependants. Last Friday I received €412.50 which is more than double my weekly payment of €202.50. My wife got €211. I can reconcile that my payment is correct because it equates to 14.25 days. But no matter what way I splice and dice my wife’s payment I can’t put any logical sense on it.

        I got a notification saying I was entitled to €202.50,wife €134.50, and 2 children x €29.80 equal to €397. 2 weeks should be €794. Whereas between us we only got €623.50.

        Anyone got an explanation?

  4. Youre money will not be in the post office untill the following will have to tell them when you are back. I went away one year filled out the form no money in the post office. This year I went away I did not tell them my money was there.. I would advise you to go back and tell them that you’re plan has changed .. Youre money is there for two weeks after 2 wks it stops.

  5. My collection day is Wednesday every week,just wondering if can collect my dole on Monday week before xmass not wednesday but 2 days earlier.Its possible?

    • I’m nearly sure you can mark.. I was able to collect my payment, two days before that date every year so I have no doubt it’ll be the same this year

    • My payment isn’t due until Wednesday every week I collect Monday so if say you won’t have any problem

  6. Will the post office be open on Tuesday the 2nd Jan 2018, so I can collect my child benefit payment?….(usually collected on the first Tuesday of every month)….or will I have to collect it on the 29th of Dec 2017,(like my social welfare payment)
    Thank you

    • As it states in the article payments from 2nd Jan 2018 will all be made as normal.

      • Some electronic payments due, did not resume on 2nd January. My children’s allowance did not credit to my account today

  7. I’m on vtos since September was on job seekers for over 3 years will I get bonus or double week

    • i was in vtos too. and on social too afew years b4 vtos… it dosnt affect anything. ur intitled to everyting.. fuel allowance , medical card xmas bonus etc. also u can work while ur in vtos too i tink wit out affecting ur payment. just check on that last one but for everything else make sure u go to reception in social welfare and ask for forms lik for example the if u hav a child, ask for the school clothing and foot wear grant cus u atomatially might not get it inless u apply. but ur intitled to xmas bonus n all other things cus ur doing an etb course

  8. I’m ment to be getting my second payment for fuel allowance in January the 2nd which is a Monday will I receive this payment the 29th December as well as my payment for the 2nd January for job seekers.

  9. Do people on family dividend get a Christmas bonus and when if so.. And how does the payment for fis work over the Christmas do I get double payment and when I’f so.. I get payed through bank

  10. Do we have to sign on the 22nd? I’m due to sign on the 22nd of December but very unsure if I have to because of payments due that day? My adviser doesn’t even know himself.

  11. Hi. Do you know if children’s allowance will be in as normal on 2nd January or before that date. Tks.

  12. This will be a head scrather for you my we get a family payment my partner works part time and puts casual dockets in but we get paid to a credit union account and while every body gets a check on a Tuesday it doesn’t get to the credit union account til Thursday as they close on Wednesday so I’m worried if everyone gets a double payment on Friday the 22nd we might not get ours as it might not go in til the Saturday and the credit union doesn’t open.

    • Do the Credit Union not have debit cards or ATM’s – do they only pay out over the counter?
      If you need access to this money before they open after Christmas – then maybe you could ask them to let you draw on the money before it arrives ? (A very short term temporary loan) .

  13. Hi- I’ve only been on sw since the beginning of September- I have two kids and my husband is on a ce scheme. He got his Christmas payment today. From the article it seems I will not be entitled to Christmas payment – is this really the case? Can I appeal it?

  14. Hi I was on half rate carers for 3 years then went on jobseekers last October will I get Christmas bonus …. Thanks

  15. Anyone know why if your on illness benefit why your not allowed Christmas bonus is this another sleaze why of the government taking from people that have noting very unfair.

  16. I’m on illness benefit sign monthly…payments are usually Monday into the bank.. is this correct payment will be 22nd Dec & 29th Dec… No double week ?? Leona

  17. I have been on jobseekers long tern and because of my illness they stopped my jobseekers and putme on supplement welfare awaiting disability which has been denied I didn’t get my fuel allowance because of this however I’m been told that iif I was changed I should have got it can you advise

  18. I didn’t get bonus this year I’m on swa I have been since August 16 but went on maternity benefit for 6 months n straight back on the swa does this mean I’m not entitled to it? Thanks

  19. My rent allowance is due in my bank acc on thurs 28th..will this be as normal or will I get it the week before??

  20. Does anyone know if someone on long-term illness benefit is entitled to any extra payment at Christmas I don’t get the Christmas bonus.

  21. Will Fis be paid as normal every week (Thurs) or will a double week be paid ,I have looked thru the comments and haven’t seen a post about it ,my apologies if it has for asking again .

    • If FIS isn’t mentioned separately – then it will be the same as all other payments – if you get it weekly then it will be a double week in the week starting 18th Dec.

  22. Hi, I work casually and put in the X and O dockets every week for JB and receive a cheque in the post, usually on a Tuesday. Then it takes five days to clear. Any idea how that will work for me over Christmas? Would I get a double cheque on 19th for when I don’ t work and would I need to hand in two sets of dockets the week before? I’m very confused. No bonus for me neither as I’ve had some work 😀

    • t says in the article for Casual Jobseekers …
      “Payments due on Tuesday 19 December 2017 will be paid on Mon 18th December .
      Payments due on Tuesday 26 December 2017 and Tuesday 2nd January 2018 will both be credited to accounts on Friday 22nd December 2017”

  23. Hi iam on long term disability what way does my payments work over Xmas I get paid on a weds

  24. So if i get paid on fridays do i get a double on the 22nd or just normal and also payed on the 29th

    • It depends on what you are getting. Most people will get a double week on 22nd and nothing again till 5th Jan . There are some exceptions – read it again and see if they apply to you.

      • Im on basic supp welfare my community welfare officer is paying me i got a double week the 22nd according to article Im getting paid again 29th?? Is that true

    • You should get it along with your normal social welfare or pension payment. If that is due on 1st Jan it should now be paid early on Dec 29th – as mentioned in the article. The fuel allowance lump sum should be paid with it (according to info provided by dept of social welfare).

  25. Domcillary allowance payments are they normal payment some people were saying we were getting a bonus back with it is this true

  26. Is it me or are people getting dumber?
    Do people read articles anymore or are they so lazy they just see the header and ask pointless questions that are already answered in article. I mean COME ON!

  27. Just out of curiosity, I’m currently on btea and have been since going back to college in September. Before this I was on jsa since November last year. Am I not eligible for the Christmas bonus?
    Also, does anyone know anything about the €500 allowance for supplies when returning to college?

    • I’m the exact same as you, I went on jsa in November last year and went on the btea in September, I don’t think we’re entitled to anything, we’ll get 2 weeks payment this Monday but we won’t get anything at all the following week, we don’t get a bonus either. I’ve never heard anything about a €500 allowance for returning to college..

  28. I’m
    On illness benefit and got money into my account today I’m
    Normally paid on Wednesday would I have got a double payment this week ? I’m due to be paid on next Wednesday the 20th and then 27th

    • You should – unless you are one of the exceptions mentione din the article . Please read it again.

  29. I know it states child benefit the 2nd but as banks closed will it be paid into bank accounts earlier. I’ve read all comments and people have asked but no one has asked about going into bank accounts early as banks closed

  30. Thank you for the article unlike a lot of people I READ the article. Everything was answered for me but just felt I should say thanks.

  31. Hi I’m due to get my second installment for fuel allowance the 2nd of January so will I get it early or will I be the following week, and do I get a double and advance week on job seekers the 18th or is it just a double week sorry now just a little confused

  32. Hiya, I’m on SWA for 3 years and a half now, I collect it in the post office every Thursday. My double week is due the 21st, can I still get paid as normal again when the post office reopens on the 28th?

    • No – the double week is to cover the 21st and 28th . No more payments till Jan 4th for you.
      It is all clearly explained above.

  33. Hi i get paid every Thursday into the bank. I’m due payment on the 21st and again on the 28th do do I get a double week on the 21st

  34. I’m on swa and get paid on Thursdays,I handed in my 3 sick certs today (tue 19th),I was just wondering is collection day normal?

  35. I’ve been messed around by social welfare I was on jobseekers for years then they told me to apply disability which was denied put Mr on SWA and I appealed it now they told me I can’t get fuel allowance because its pending when it clearly states I should get fuel allowance because of long term jobseekers

  36. Hi I am on x and os my days vary so cannot put dockets in early do I have to wait until january for decembers payments as it states all dockets should be in by the 12 th december????????

  37. Hi, I received my payment and the week after on the 14th (I assumed this was for the week of the 14th and the 25th and when I went to collect it today post office says no there’s none this week so am I missing out on a week or is this right as the article says the week of the 18th I should of gotten double not the 14th ? So on the 14th I got that week and another weeks pay but amnt due payment again u til the 4th Jan ? Also can’t get through to them on phone 🙁

  38. hi i am in vtos and normally get paid wednesday night Thursday morning, I only got one payment this week but does anyone no if I was suppose to get two

  39. Hi do u know when second of installment of fuel allowance is in January beginning or end please

  40. I’m due childbenifit on Tue 26 DEC 2017 as that’s boxing day will I get that payment early many thanks

    • Chil Benefit is usually the first Tuesday of the month. All payments will be JAn 2nd 2018

  41. Hi , I’m Just wondering I got my double week but when do I be getting paid again I get my money into my bank every thurs I’m on back to education! Is it the 28th dec or 4th Jan

  42. Never received 2nd jans payment casual jobseekers. Got up till welfare closed now.

    • I don’t think we did get two payments on the 22nd ? Will there be a payment on the 22nd of Jan?

  43. Hello can anyone tell me when is the next payments I receive my double in 18th I’m on jobseekers and I take my mobe from post every Monday thanks

  44. I receive my double payment in post in 18th December when is the next payments I’m on jobseeker

  45. Hi when is second payment of lump sum fuel allowance paid is it next week thanks

  46. Hi.
    My tenant has rent supplement paid direct to me and usually in this am. Is it Friday the 29th now as as opposed to last Thursday morning of the month thanks

  47. Hi my partner receives illness benefit and is paid for all the family, but we haven’t received a payment since he was paid a double week on the 14 of December, this can’t be right can it?

  48. Sweet jaysus just read the article people!!! It literally couldn’t be made more simple for you’s!!!!!! Money guide you guys are probably tearing your hair out hahaha

  49. my son is doing hes leaving cert in a shool for early leavers of shool woud he get xmas bonus collage pays him thanks

  50. my son is in course for kid that leave school early hes 19 should he have goot hes bonus he gets paid €150-180 a week thanks

  51. Hi my husband works fulltime. I get casual work. We pay rent. Going up on the 1st. No rent allowance. No fuel allowance. And I get 40 from social. Am I intitled to any help. Stress.

  52. Unfortunately i fell and broke a bone i claimed benefit from 12/12/2017 and sent in all certs , as yet i have not received any payment it is 18 days later , and into the new year .. please advise

  53. Received a double payment of illness benefit on Friday15th. Have not received anything since. My understanding was I should have been paid yesterday the 29th. Am I wrong?

  54. I’m on job seekers and I have to sign x and o form’s I got a double my normal payment in the 18th then again on 22nd its paid into the bank I havent received anything since anyone explain

  55. Anyone not get their health and safety payment on 29th? Was due mine today should have gone in on Friday but still no sign. 😥 do they not realise people are counting on this money to be paid.

  56. Hi there,

    I got paid on 27th of December it says its till the 2nd January so does that mean I get my next job seekers on the 3rd? I get it every week. Would love a reply.


  57. Did anyone get the children’s allowance for this month? I get it directly into my bank account every month but it’s not been paid in this month. I’m with TSB. Help?

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