Sky Broadband Charges Compared to Eir

Sky has been offering telephone and broadband services in Ireland for a good few years now.  We have checked out the current pricing and how it now compares to Eir. (June 2023)

Firstly – the Sky telephone and broadband service is nothing to do with their satellite dishes – it is provided down the very same phone lines used by the likes of Eir, Pure Telecom or Vodafone . You don’t need to have Sky TV or a satellite dish to use their telephone and broadband.

Comparing Broadband Prices

Sky Unlimited “Part Fibre” broadband – with speeds of “upto” 500Mb  costs €30 a month for the first 12  months (€60 after that). This works out at €360 in year one. (Price is for new customers.) . Add on €5 a month for off-peak calls to landlines)
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The cheapest deal from Eir will cost €65.99 a month – reduced to €34.99 a month for the first year. This has the added extra of unlimited Off-Peak local & national calls.  This works out at €369.98 in year one

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Just be careful when comparing prices – don’t just look at the monthly price because some providers have short introductory discounts   Look at the total price over a year. Most broadband and phone contracts are for 12 months – so you can always look at switching again after a year if there are better deals on offer.

See how these prices compare with other providers of Broadband in Ireland

Prices checked June 2023

Visit the handy website to check out even more broadband providers and compare prices .

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  1. Hi
    My mum is cocooning in Sligo and so for the winter months I am trying to get her hooked up to decent broadband and telly. I am in the North and finding it impossible to speak to a Sky person about if they can reinstate the old eircom landline to use. Does anyone have any experience with this please? They’re not answering via any of their social media accounts and I cannot ring the 0818 number from up here. Who knew trying to give new business would be such a challenge. I’d not bother except she is an existing customer at ‘home’ so is used to the system.
    Cheers, Roisin

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