Sinn Fein Budget 2013 Ideas

We did a summary of some of the major point of Fianna Fail’s Budget 2013 proposals – and here are some of the main points of Sinn Fein’s Budget plans .

A new rate of income tax of 48% on income over €100,000 .

New Employer’s PRSI rate of 15.75% on portion of income over €100k

A 1% tax on net wealth over €1million with working farms, business assets, 20% of the family home and pension pots excluded

Increase Capital Gains Tax from 30% to 40%

Increase Capital Acquisitions Tax from 30% to 40% and reduce thresholds by 25%

Gambling : 5% tax on shop, course and online gambling, paid by consumers

Phase out the public subsidy of private schools over five years

HSE Lift the recruitment embargo to hire 3,500 frontline staff

Free schoolbooks for every child in the state

Increase the earnings disregard by €16.50 to €146.50 per week for One Parent Payment

Increase the fuel allowance season by six weeks

Landlord Tax : Reduce mortgage interest deduction allowable against rental income from 75% to 40%

Apply PRSI to rental income

Cut government salaries to €100,000, TDs to €75,000 and senators at €60,000

Reduce excise on petrol and diesel by 5 cent (-€177.7million)

Take all those earning minimum wage (€17,542) out of USC, (296,000 earners )

5 thoughts on “Sinn Fein Budget 2013 Ideas

  1. Its about time someone proposed a salary cut for TDs and senators. They love taking money out of our pockets but have a problem when it comes to taking out of their pockets.

  2. I love the idea’s Sinn Fein have put forward throughout all of this, they should have been put in government. Its easy for people to sit back and say that people getting social welfare are lazy but my hubby has worked since he was 15, he is a Tiler by trade and employed several workers but due to the current climate he has no work, I care for our Autistic son so do not work and we have 5 other children as well, when we look for help we were told not to keep having kids we couldn’t afford to support which would be fair enough if we hadn’t gotten pregnant with the implanol and the mirena and are still being refused any permanent help like sterilization, so far this government and its rules has forced me to bear 3 children in 3 years on top of the 3 I already had, made my hubby out of work, cut all resources and financial help my autistic son has and cut all the benefits we receive…….my hopes do not bode well for 2013. Meanwhile they line their pockets with expenses and huge salaries paying their buddies huge monies for nothing, the last time I saw my consultant at the hospital he was playing games on his computer whilst talking to me and got his “student” to do all the poking and prodding and he is making 250,000 a year!!!! its a joke.

    • joanna,
      how right you are all TDs the and senators pay should be reduce by at least40%

  3. These proposals are abysmal. They are focused purely on the top of society. Earnings of 100000 for a couple is not that high so this would impact “middle” class people most heavily. As for the capital gains tax I already think its unfair, if a person is resourceful and clever enough to make money off shares, land etc. then why should they lose 40% of it to government. Like it or not we live in a capitalist economy and making money should be rewarded, not punished. And before any bleeding heart lefty comes at me with “but dem rich lads are ruining the place” , I am unemployed so would not be affected by any of these proposal. They are just poorly thought out and are designed purely to be bandied around the Dail by Mary-Lou on budget day in an attempt to win votes. Pathetic stuff by Sinn Fein as usual. As a final note I fear for this country that a group of murderous thugs are the third most popular party, with Fianna Fail in second. People have very very short memories.

  4. Holy mother of god just saw Joannas reply. The government made you have 3 children you didn’t want? I actually don’t even know how to respond to that it is so mind numbingly stupid. Although since you seem willing to vote for Sinn Fein your stupidity doesn’t really come as a massive shock.

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