Septic Tank Registration Rates Very Low

The government probably hoped that a reduced charge of €5 before Sept 28th would encourage people to register their septic tanks and other waste treatment systems.  It seems that only 18000 people had  registered their waste treatment systems online by the end of August 2012  . There are about  half a million homes that are not connected to the main sewerage system – and if they don’t register before the 28th Sept the fee will rise to €50.

The deadline for registration is  February 1st 2013 .

More here about Septic Tank Registration

One thought on “Septic Tank Registration Rates Very Low

  1. I have not registered my septic tank because I know it would fail the inspection. It is too small as it was put in 50 years ago, and it runs into a ditch. I have had a quote of 11,000 Euros to replace my system and I can’t afford it.

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