Septic Tank Registration Levels not as bad as Household Charge

The Februaray 1st  deadline for registration of septic tanks (and other domestic waste water treatment systems)  has passed – and it looks like around 70% have been registered .

On Jan 31st the LGMA said that about 340,000 systems had been registered  – and a last minute rush on February 1st could have added another  10,000 to that.    The Census figures from 2011 show that there are supposed to be 497,281 systems that need to be registered .
So it looks like around  70% of waste water treatment systems will  have  been registered by the deadline . Of course – people can still register , we are sure no one is going to be prosecuted for late registration at this stage.
You can register at or see more details of how to register here

Empty Properties :  If you own a property that is unoccupied with a septic tank or waste treatment system you do not have to register it if  the treatment system has been emptied and de-commissioned. (As stated by Minister Hogan on January 31st)

Recent figures for the Household Charge registration show even worse levels of non compliance – with less than 63% registering according to our calculations.
The new Property Tax will be up for payment in July and tax returns are expected as sson as March – but with only 62% registered for the Household Charge it will be a messy task to find all the property owners.