School Bus Fare Refunds

Bus Fare Refunds due to Covid19 School Closures

Families who paid for Bus Eireann school bus fares in 2019/20 will be given a refund for the unused portion due to school closures.

How Much Are the Refunds?

The amount of refund due is based on the number of school days missed, and the original fare paid.

Primary Schools

Primary Schools were closed for 31% of the school year, and the annual bus fare was €100. ((Maximum per family of €220). Refund amounts below.

  • 1 child = €31.15
  • 2 children = €62.30
  • Refund due for 3 or more children = €68.52

Secondary Schools

Post Primary schools were closed for 26% of the school year, and the annual bus fare was €350. (Maximum per family of €650)

Bus Fare Refund due for 1 child = €92.22
Refund due for 2 or more children = €171.26

Refunds will not be due for :

  • Pupils on the medical card waiver scheme.
  • Those who hadn’t yet paid the Part 2 element of the ticket in December 2020,
  • Anyone who had cancelled the ticket before 12 March 2020

When will the refund be paid?

If you are eligible for a refund, you will receive an email from Bus Éireann in early July.
All refunds should be paid out by Friday, 17th July.

If you have not received the refund by Friday, 17 July, you should email Bus Eireann – or contact your local school transport office

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